After disappointing Star Wars Battlefront re-releases, modders take things into their own hands and create a custom server platform for Dice's Battlefront 2

Star Wars B attlefront 2
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A team of modders is giving Star Wars Battlefront 2 an unofficial "new home" on PC, creating a custom server platform with 24/7 servers, mod support, and more.

As claimed on its website, Kyber V2 is a "revolutionary" custom server platform and mod launcher for 2017's Star Wars Battlefront 2. The software was designed to bring new content and experiences to fans by expanding on developer Dice's work and "placing the game into the hands of the community."

Its creator, Kyber Team, has said it wants its project to be "the new home of Star Wars Battlefront 2 on PC," and has implemented several enticing features that may get fans to jump ship. Those who opt to use the fan-made creation can expect full support for community-made mods, proximity voice chat, stat tracking, a spectator mode, in-game events, moderation tools, and much more. 

"This is an unofficial in-development replacement for the EA App - and eventually a whole new game launcher - we'll talk more about this in a future update," the Kyber website boasts of its EA Login system. 

One of the most exciting features Kyber is promising is streamlined installation for mods. According to the developer, Kyber, along with NexusMods, will give players the option to join a server and have the mods needed to play download and install automatically. This means you could theoretically continue browsing servers and jump straight in once all the mods are ready to go. 

Speaking of the servers, Kyber will have three types. The "official" servers, which are operated 24/7 by the team, will offer new game modes and host in-game events; community servers would be run by community members; and private games would support one-time servers for things like private duels and practice sessions. 

There's a lot to discover in Kyber, and thankfully you won't have to wait too long to try it out yourself. The Kyber playtest is set to begin "in one to two weeks from the date of this post," and you can sign up for it now. Remember that this isn't an official EA or Dice product so you'll be taking part at your own risk. 

This might be good news for those who were let down by the recently launched Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection. The bundle, which includes the original two Battlefront games, launched to mostly negative Steam reviews due to several problems relating to multiplayer, bugs, miscellaneous technical issues, and more. This was only made worse when players realized that the collection requires over eight times more storage than the original games combined.

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