As Helldivers 2 players take advantage of a glitch to farm Super Credits for free, Arrowhead says it's aware of such "undemocratic behavior"

Helldivers 2
(Image credit: Arrowhead Game Studios)

Some very undemocratic Helldivers 2 players are exploiting a glitch to earn Super Credits, and developer Arrowhead says it's "aware" of such "behavior."

Over the past day, a Helldivers 2 player took to the game's official Discord channel to report some murky dealings to Arrowhead. The player directly tagged an Arrowhead community manager, trying to alert them to the fact that "there are tutorials circulating on YouTube that explain how to farm Super Credits for free using a game glitch."

The player didn't want to go into "explicit detail" of how to do said farming, but still spelled out the method anyway. Whenever a player attains Super Credits, they can either 'Force Quit' Helldivers 2 on PC or entirely shut down their PS5 console. By doing this, the player allegedly retains the Super Credits that they've just earned.

"This issue needs to be fixed as soon as possible as it is an illegitimate method, and in the long run, it damages not only the seriousness of the players but also the development team," the Discord user added in their message to the community manager. "I hope you take my message seriously."

Arrowhead has, in fact, taken the message seriously. "Hi! We're aware of this undemocratic behavior. Thanks for doing your sworn duty and reporting it, though. Hooah!" responded an Arrowhead community manager shortly after the original message was sent in the Discord channel.

So rest assured that Arrowhead is working on this exploit, so no one has an undemocratic advantage over their Super Earth allies. There's no telling when a fix might arrive, though, and considering Helldivers 2's developer has its hand full fixing the substantial fire damage issue, the remedy could be coming later rather than sooner. 

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