As the Fallout TV Show sends fans to Bethesda games in droves, Fallout New Vegas director says give the RPG's much-maligned card game another go as it's "not that hard"

Fallout New Vegas
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Following the success of the Fallout TV show, the director of Fallout New Vegas is encouraging fans to give its much-maligned card game another try. 

Earlier this week, Josh Sawyer, who worked as project director and lead designer on Fallout: New Vegas, replied to a Twitter user who was poking fun at the game's card game, Caravan. If you didn't know, the mini-game can be found in New Vegas' Mojave Wasteland but isn't a lot of players' first choice for things to do in the RPG.

Replying to the tweet, which basically suggests a lot of people still don't understand Caravan even 14 years later, Sawyer said: "It's more complicated than Samuel's Lansquenet but not that hard [in my opinion]" - referring to a card game in the developer's more recent game Pentiment

In response, another Twitter user replied: "Josh, less than 6% of PC players have the 'Win 3 games of Caravan' achievement."  The numbers clearly don't lie, but Sawyer wasn't ready to admit defeat, and continued to defend Caravan by suggesting that "they should try again [in my opinion]." So if you've been influenced to return to Fallout New Vegas - maybe after watching the Fallout TV show - you should give Caravan another go. 

Despite the Fallout TV show's popularity, this hasn't prompted any movement in terms of new games. Just days after the series premiered, a Bethesda veteran implied that we shouldn't Fallout 5 any time soon as "we need time to make great stuff." It's not all bad news though, as we are getting the Fallout 4 next-gen update which adds 60fps support, a new quest, and more on April 25.

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