Marvel merchandise might have just released a big Captain America 4 spoiler about Red Hulk

Anthony Mackie in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier
(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Not much is known about Captain America: Brave New World just yet, but it looks like some merchandise might have revealed a major plot detail about the upcoming MCU movie. 

Harrison Ford features in the Marvel Phase 5 movie as Thunderbolt Ross, who is now the President of the United States. Speculation has been running rampant about whether Ross will appear as Red Hulk, as he does in the pages of Marvel comics, but so far nothing has been confirmed. 

New McDonald's tie-in merchandise shared on Reddit, however, might reveal his transformation is indeed coming. As you can see in the picture below, one of the minifigures is of Red Hulk, fully transformed. 

New McDonalds toys for ‘Captain America: Brave New World’ reveals the first look at certain characters! from r/marvelstudios

The other figures also appear to give first looks at the new Falcon suit for Torres, a character who appears to be Diamondback (listed as Cascavel, or 'rattlesnake' in Portuguese), Ruth – potentially Sabra – and the new Captain America suit, which looks broadly similar to the one seen in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier finale but without the cowl. 

Of course, until any of this is confirmed, take it with a grain of salt – the merchandise might look different to the movie, or it might not be official. 

The first footage from the movie was screened at CinemaCon, which showed Ross tasking Sam Wilson with rebuilding the Avengers. At the moment, though, no footage has been revealed to the public. 

Captain America 4 arrives on February 14, 2025. In the meantime, check out our guide to all the upcoming Marvel movies and TV shows for everything else the MCU has in store. 

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