The return of the Green Goblin is on the horizon in Amazing Spider-Man #50 preview

Amazing Spider-Man #50
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Amazing Spider-Man #50 is a milestone issue that brings back the Green Goblin, and Marvel is indicating that it is indeed current Gold Goblin Norman Osborn. But even the publisher is hinting that things aren't as simple as a big fall from grace for the reformed villain.

We've got an early preview of pages from Amazing Spider-Man #50 by writer Zeb Wells, artist Ed McGuiness, inker Mark Farmer, colorists Marcio Menyz and Erick Arciniega, and letterer Joe Caramagna, in which Spider-Man deals with a very different kind of crisis - the housing crisis - as he argues over rent and home ownership with Norman Osborn. And oh yeah, something big is going on with the Living Brain, which is shaping up to be an important part of the story.

Check it out:

"GUESS WHO'S BACK?! THE GREEN GOBLIN RETURNS in this landmark and massive issue of ASM that boasts not only a double-sized main story but some instant Spider-Man classics by legends and legends to be!" reads Marvel's official synopsis for Amazing Spider-Man #50. "The Sins of Norman Osborn have found their way home and Norman shows his true color - green. But is it truly that simple? Spidey and Gobby's brutal fight is one for the ages and you don't want to miss this ending."

Along with the main story by Wells and McGuiness, Amazing Spider-Man #50 also features a story by writer Marv Wolfman and artist Terry Dodson, and more, all rounding out the oversized issue.

The story of the Goblin will also continue into the foreseeable future, with Peter Parker himself becoming the Spider-Goblin a few issues later.

Amazing Spider-Man #50 goes on sale May 22.

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