DC's massive summer event Absolute Power sees Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and more take on a "Trinity of Evil" led by Amanda Waller

Art from DC Absolute Power #1
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There's a new DC summer event on the way - one that will have far-reaching ramifications for the heroes of the DC universe. As previously reported, Absolute Power is set to unite a "trinity of evil" - three villains who are dedicated to eliminating the world's metahumans. Amanda Waller, Braniac, and Failsafe have all been making big power plays over the last few months in various ongoing comics, and now they're set to unite and wreak havoc.

Absolute Power is big. Really, really big, spanning by our count eight separate titles and 15 issues. We've got the full breakdown of the comics that make up the event as well as a whole heap of art and release dates for when you can pick them up below. Let's get into it...

Absolute Power Free Comic Book Day Special Edition

A 32-page one-shot featuring an original 12-page story by writer Mark Waid and artist Mikel Janín, plus a recap of some of the important events leading into Absolute Power, as well as a preview of Absolute Power #1. Available for free in participating comic shops on Saturday, May 4.

Absolute Power Ground Zero

This oversize one-shot acts as a prelude to the Absolute Power event in which, according to DC "the key to capturing all metahuman powers on planet Earth will finally be unlocked." The special issue will act as a bridge between recent events in Batman, Superman, Action Comics, and Suicide Squad: Dream Team, and will see the full scope of Amanda Waller's plans finally unveiled.

The issue has a starry cast of creatives involved, including Mark Waid, Nicole Maines, Joshua Williamson, and Chip Zdarsky, along with artists Gleb Melnikov, V Ken Marion, and Skylar Patridge, plus a main cover by Dan Mora. It's on sale June 25.

Absolute Power

The main event. DC moves back to a Wednesday new comic release date with the first issue of this four part limited series written by Mark Waid and drawn by Dan Mora. Failsafe and the Brainiac Queen have enabled Amanda Waller to capture the powers of every metahuman on Earth. As the planet falls into chaos and the heroes are targeted by a disinformation campaign, Batman forms a resistance movement to fight back. Absolute Power #1 is on sale July 3. Check out a whole slew of covers, including variants by Jim Lee, Stephen Bliss, Puppeteer Lee, Chris Samnee, Chrissie Zullo, Wes Craig, and John Timms, in the gallery below.

Absolute Power Task Force VII #1 - Last Son

Absolute Power: Task Force VII is a three-issue biweekly companion series that looks at the events of the series from the POV of the villains. The first issue is written by Leah Williams with art by Caitlin Yarsky and introduces the Last Son. DC's synopsis for the issue says: "Waller's living weapon has eliminated the threat of Superman and all his allies in Metropolis, and now it's setting its sights on the DC Universe's other metahuman clan: Shazam, Mary Marvel, and the rest of the Shazamily." The issue is published on July 10.

Absolute Power Task Force VII #2 - Depth Charge

In the second issue of Absolute Power: Task Force VII, written by John Layman and drawn by Max Raynor, we meet the Amazo robot Depth Charge. DC's synopsis says: "Depth Charge has stolen not only Aquaman's powers, but his throne, and the Atlantean populace must either toe the line or risk having their powers taken as well. It falls to Mera and the rest of the Aqua-Family to launch a revolution without being discovered." It's on sale July 24.

Absolute Power: Origins #1 (of 3)

Also out on July 24 is the first issue of a three-part limited series that's set to reveal the history of Amanda Waller. Written by John Ridley and drawn by Alitha Martinez, Absolute Power: Origins will explore her hatred of metahumans in "a tale of how Waller suffered a catastrophic loss, and how she forged her powerlessness into a path to vengeance, fueled by two words that changed her life, and the lives of everyone in the DC Universe: NEVER AGAIN."

Absolute Power: Task Force VII #3 - Jadestone

The final issue of Absolute Power: Task Force VII sees the Amazo robot Jadestone absorb the powers of the Justice Society of America. "But after being compromised by Green Lantern Alan Scott's willpower, Jadestone is faced with the possibility of making its own decisions. Will it continue to execute Waller's orders or exercise free will, as the remaining JSA members attempt a rescue to free their teammates and escape to the Tower of Fate?" The issue is written by Jeremy Adams, drawn by Marco Santucci and published on July 31.

Absolute Power Tie-In Titles

Finally (for now?) the Absolute Power story will continue in three individual issues of Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman released throughout the month.

Batman #150 sees Denys Cowan join writer Chip Zdarsky and series artist Jorge Jiménez on the main story, while Zdarsky and Mike Hawthorne tell an Absolute Power tie-in story, as Batman and Catwoman plan a deadly heist to capture Amanda Waller herself. It's on sale July 2.

In Wonder Woman #11, published July 17, "Diana's quest for the truth is placed on hold as she comes face-to-face with Waller's latest toy, an Amazo robot ready to take all her powers for good! Wonder Woman can use all the help she can get to survive; find out if the Justice League Dark is up to the task in this Absolute Power tie-in by Tom King, Tony S. Daniel, and Belén Ortega."

Superman #16 releases the same day and sees artist Jamal Campbell draw a story written by Joshua Williamson. "Due to Waller's Amazo assault by the Last Son, Superman is injured and powerless, having retreated to the Fortress of Solitude. As his home becomes a refuge for survivors, the Man of Steel must go on a dangerous mission into the realm of magic with DC's backward-speaking spell-slinger, Zatanna."

Amanda Waller has been recruiting more heroes to Task Force X lately, including Dreamer. Find out more about Suicide Squad: Dream Team in our interview with writer Nicole Maines.

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