Stephen King has broken his silence on Netflix’s new number one movie with an "amazing" ending

Under Paris
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He has spoken! Everyone's favorite social media film critic Stephen King has shared his verdict on Netflix’s new French shark movie Under Paris, and it sounds like he approves.

King, as he usually does, took to Twitter to share his opinion on the new fin-tastic horror flick. "I thought UNDER PARIS would be a jokey movie, like SHARKNADO, but Twitter convinced me to give it a watch, and it's really quite good," said the legendary author. "The last 25 minutes were amazing."

That’s pretty big praise coming from King. However, the acclaim doesn't come as too much of a shock as viewers have been loving Under Paris,  just the trailer alone had fans calling it the new "French Jaws." When the flick finally landed on the streamer this June, it got rave reviews calling it "the best shark movie in years," and comparing it once again to Spielberg's epic.

Directed by Xavier Gens, Under Paris follows the carnage caused by a giant shark who breaks into the River Seine just before the summer 2024 Paris Olympics. In order to prevent the ferocious beast from turning a world event into a bloodbath, a scientist, environmental activist, and river police commander join forces to capture the fish before time runs out.

Although the movie was only released on Netflix on June 5, Under Paris currently sits at number one worldwide, according to FlixPatrol. Between June 3-9, the movie managed to stir up an impressive 40.0 million views, as reported by Tudum, that’s 70,900,000 hours viewed in total. 

This isn't the first time the writer has had big praise for a Netflix chart-topper as earlier this year King raved over stalker drama series Baby Reindeer and even doubled down on his admiration for the show, calling it one of the best things he's ever seen. The author also recently shared the love for another number one on the streamer, Godzilla Minus One

Under Paris is available to stream right now on Netflix. For more, see our list of the best Netflix movies, or keep up to date with upcoming movies heading your way this year. 

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