Fan-favorite Fallout TV show characters are already appearing in other Fallout games

Fallout tv show Easter eggs
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Several Fallout TV show characters are now in Fallout Shelter, bringing with them brand-new locations and quests.

Starting today, you can find Fallout's Lucy, played by Ella Purnell, and The Ghoul, played by Walton Goggins, in Fallout Shelter on mobile and PC. The Bethesda Games announcement of the crossover update mentions that there are six new Vault Dwellers in total to unlock from the Fallout TV show, so you should see Aaron Clifton Moten's Brotherhood of Steel trooper Maximus hanging around as well.

The new crossover update also adds new locations to Fallout Shelter. Given that Amazon Prime Video's Fallout TV show takes place in and around Los Angeles, you can probably expect to find appropriate West Coast locations in the mobile game via the update.

Elsewhere, there's a grand total of eight new in-game quests in Fallout Shelter, again to do with the TV show. Finally, there's a bunch of brand new items like weapons and armor available in the new update, including The Ghoul's revolver and pre-war cowboy outfit, and Lucy's wedding dress complete with a bandolier. 

Play Fallout Shelter anytime between now and May 7 to bag a Vault 33 jumpsuit for the denizens. If you, like myself, poured hours into Fallout Shelter when it first came out, only to quickly drop it and never think about it just a few weeks later, this might be a good opportunity to delve back into Bethesda's mobile vault sim.

The Fallout TV show in general, meanwhile, is looking like a bit of a hit already for Bethesda and Prime Video. Our own Fallout review gave it "a big Vault Boy-style thumbs up," praising its comedic elements and social commentary, and there's a lot of buzz online about a potential Fallout Season 2 already, less than a day after the series debuted. 

Here are all the Fallout TV show Easter Eggs we've found so far in the new series. 

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