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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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Choosing who to help on the beach in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will determine how the boss battle in Costa del Sol plays out, and in turn affect your bonds with the characters involved. Once you've made your Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth beachwear outfit selection and headed out on the sand, you'll have another choice before you – the group has been divided across the battlefield, so will you go to assist Aerith and Barret, or Tifa and Red 13 in the ongoing fight? As with many of the decisions you make in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, you should consider who you're trying to develop your bond with and pick the option best aligned with them.

Helpfully, this boss battle on the beach will play in much the same way whoever you pick, with the only difference naturally being who you are fighting alongside, and which party members won't be in the fray with you thanks to Hojo's schemes putting them temporarily out of action.

Choosing Aerith and Barret or Tifa and Red 13 on the beach in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's protagonists all look out onto the open world

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The main reason to choose either pairing depends on who you want to bond with. Your relationship will change with the characters you choose to help, meaning the choice will contribute to your bond with them. The pair you don't select will also get taken temporarily by the boss, so they'll be out of the fight. You'll be going up against the robotic Grasptropod, which has plenty of health to whittle down, so you could also factor in who you consider to be the better pairing in terms of who you prefer to support you in combat. But overall, who you choose to help on the beach is really all about which characters you want to develop your relationship with, which will feed in to your Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Gold Saucer date decision later in the game.

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