Where to find refurbishment materials in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth for Johnny

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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Finding refurbishment materials in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is part of the Saga of the Seaside Inn quest, where you need to assist Johnny with rebuilding the inn at Costa del Sol by recovering the necessary materials. When you begin this assignment you'll be instructed to search for materials around the ziplines by Johnny's doubles, but it's not immediately clear where they all are. Also, while you can move on with the story once you've discovered four of the materials, if you make the extra effort to locate all eight of them then you'll secure the best star rating for the inn.

With ziplines dotted around the wider area in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, it takes some exploration and footwork to discover all of the refurbishment materials. So, if you're finding yourself at a loss and you need help tracking down all the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth refurbishment materials for the Saga of the Seaside Inn quest, read on below as I point you to every zipline in the area.

Where to find refurbishment materials and ziplines in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

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It's worth noting that the bundles will always be found at the top of the ziplines going down, rather than the base area.

1. The first two ziplines and refurbishment material bundles can be found right near the quest marker where you spoke to Johnny's doubles. Facing in the direction away from Johnny, you should see a climbable wall with a deck up above that houses the first zipline. Make your way up the wall and climb the ladder to the top of the deck, where you'll find your first bundle by the NC-1 zipline. 

2. The second bundle can be found nearby the first. Follow the bridges all the way around to the other side of the deck which will lead to you the next NC-2 zipline and refurbishment bundle. 

3. Use the zipline you just got the bundle from to make your way down, and then follow the sandy road until you reach a climbable wall. Make your way up and take a left all the way around until you reach another climbable wall where you'll find the next NC-6 zipline up above. 

4. Then turn around and head up the stairs immediately behind you where you'll find the NC-5 zipline and refurbishment bundle to your left. 

5. Make your way down the NC-5 zipline and take a right down a small set of stairs leading out onto the sandy road. Follow the road left until you reach a rocky cliff where you should see a zipline going down above it. Take another right and then turn left soon after to follow a little grassy path where you'll find a ladder. Climbing this ladder will lead you to the next NC-4 zipline, which is close by to a Chocobo Stop on your Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth map.

6. Make your way down the NC-4 zipline and jump down the little rockface immediately in front of the zipline. Head out onto the main sand road, and head left in the direction of the building you should see just ahead. Make your way up to the building - which is the Training Gym where you can do another Odd Job - and head right when you reach the entrance to follow a path up the NC-8 zipline and bundle. 

7. Then make your way back to the entrance of the gym and head to the left side of the building where you'll find the NC-7 zipline and more materials. 

8. Head down the NC-7 zipline and follow the stairs on the left up to find the final bundle of refurbishment bundle on the NC-3 Zipline. 

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