Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth update quietly fixes the confusing retry menu JRPG fans have been clowning on since launch

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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The latest Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth patch has quietly fixed an issue that's been confusing players since release.

Last week, Square Enix rolled out Version 1.030 of its well-received RPG. In the patch, we got several useful updates including a fix for that Platinum Trophy hindering bug and a small but necessary change to its retry menu. As spotted by a Reddit user, it looks like the developer has tidied up the players' options when they hit the game over screen, which was previously causing fans to be unsure exactly where they were set to respawn. 

Before the patch, whenever Cloud and Co would die during a boss battle, players would be met with a few options. 1) Retry from before current battle, 2) Retry from this battle, 3) Retry from before battle, or 4) Resume. If you're confused about this, you're not alone. Thankfully, the new options are a little easier to understand.

The game over options "retry" verbiage was fixed in the latest patch! from r/FFVIIRemake

As the Reddit user below explains, it looks like Square Enix has tidied up the text in these options. In fact, they seem to have only changed one of the options, but it's made the rest of them all make more sense. Instead of option one being "retry from before current battle," it's now "retry from current phase," which makes a lot more sense. 

"That’s an improvement," one Reddit user replied to the above post. "The original menu had confusing option names. I wouldn’t be surprised if some took 'retry boss battle at beginning' by mistake." This is when several other fans chimed in with their unfortunate slip-ups with this wording."I did, on the last phase of the final boss..." one said. "This would have been great 2 days ago, lol," another added

You can find the full patch notes linked above, however, it appears that this particular fix didn't make it to the list. You will find other fixes, though, including for many Trophy related bugs - like the Platinum Trophy and the 'Cactuar Crusher' Trophy - as well as some display/visual bugs and issues that prevented certain events from being unlocked even when all the criteria were met. 

In other news, even the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth explainer book can't explain what's up with the JRPG's divisive ending.

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