Fortnite Aspect of the Gods: How to get it from bosses

Fortnite Aspect of the Gods
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The Fortnite Aspect of the Gods is an evolution of the Society Medallions from last season, which imbue you with special powers if you liberate them from the Olympian legends who carry them. There are currently four different bosses that you can defeat to get hold of an Aspect, which will provide you with a specific boost at the cost of revealing your general location to all other players in the match, and they are also integral to some of the Fortnite quests. If you're trying to complete a challenge involving them or just want to use a legendary ability, here's how to assist in collecting an Aspect of the Gods in Fortnite.

Where to find a Fortnite Aspect of the Gods

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There are currently four different Olympian bosses in the battle royale, who can be defeated to reveal a Fortnite Aspect of the Gods for collection. I've marked them on the map above, and they are found in the following named locations:

  • Hades - The Underworld
  • Cerberus - Grim Gate
  • Zeus - Mount Olympus
  • Ares - Brawler's Battleground

How to assist in collecting an Aspect of the Gods in Fortnite

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Unlike the bosses in previous seasons, the Olympian legends aren't initially found patrolling around in their areas. Instead, you'll need to head to the location marked with a pillar icon on your map, where you'll find a statue on a plinth that you can interact with to challenge them to a fight. The boss will then spawn into the area, and you'll need to take down some waves of minions before getting stuck into the god themselves. Whittle down their extensive health bar to eliminate them, at which point they'll drop a Mythic weapon and their unique Fortnite Aspect of the Gods, providing the following boost when carried:

  • Ares: Aspect of Combat
    Prepare for war! Imbues ranged weapons with increased damage.
  • Cerberus: Aspect of Agility
    Travel through the spirit world! Gain charges of Underworld Dash over time for quick bursts of mobility.
  • Hades: Aspect of Siphon
    Power to restore vitality! Grants healing siphon effect on enemy elimination.
  • Zeus: Aspect of Speed
    The vigor of Zeus! Run faster and jump higher while sprinting.

Note that as with the Medallions in the previous season, carrying one or more Aspect of the Gods in Fortnite will reveal your general location to other players in the match, by marking a circle on the map that follows you around. Bear this in mind, as receiving a power from the gods can make you an easier target for your enemies – if you want to relinquish this power, open your inventory and choose to drop the Aspect of the Gods, which will remove your location from the map.

The wording of the quest to assist in collecting an Aspect of the Gods is a little ambiguous, as it's not clear if you'll complete it if you deal damage to a boss then another player finishes them off to collect the Aspect, and if so do they need to be in the same squad as you? The easiest way to be certain is to defeat the boss yourself and grab their dropped loot, so arm and shield yourself well then trigger that battle and take them down!

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