Fortnite Korra: How to unlock the Avatar hero

Fortnite Korra
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Fortnite Korra is the latest playable character to be added to the game via the Battle Pass, and you can now unlock them along with a selection of Avatar-themed cosmetics by working your way through their challenges. We've been expecting Korra since the beginning of Fortnite Season 2 in Chapter 5, as they feature as one of the main rewards in the Battle Pass menu, and they have their own section where you can preview the cosmetic items available to unlock. If you'd like to upgrade your locker with the latest gear, then here's how to unlock Korra in Fortnite and earn all of the Avatar rewards.

How to get Korra in Fortnite

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To unlock Fortnite Korra and their related cosmetic items, there are a couple of sets of Fortnite quests to complete that are themed around Waterbending, agility, and teamwork. These are shown under the Quests tab, and you'll need to complete at least four of the tasks from Page 1 before you can start earning progress towards the Page 2 assignments. Here's a full listing, plus confirmation of the cosmetic items you'll unlock as you complete them:

  • Page 1:
  • Emerge from water (1) - Korra loading screen
  • Collect Fortnite Mythic items (4) - Avatar's Descent contrail
  • Damage opponents before the second storm circle (2,000) - Determined Korra spray
  • Mantle, hurdle, or slide during the daytime (50) - Water Tribe Colors wrap
  • Hit the same player with a Mythic and non-Mythic weapon (1) - Waterbender's Battle Fans pickaxe
  • Complete Page 1 Quests (4) - Korra outfit (including Lego Fortnite style)

  • Page 2 (unlocked by completing Page 1 Quests):
  • Eliminate an opponent while below 50 health (3) - Balanced Korra loading screen
  • Collect or spend bars (1,500) - Korra Reacts emoticon
  • Travel distance while on the train (500) - Avatar Cycle back bling
  • Hire Fortnite Characters or revive squadmates (20) - Korra's Air Glider glider
  • Earn or pick up a Victory Crown (1) - Avatar's Flourish emote
  • Complete Page 2 Quests (4) - Korra outfit Balanced style, and Banner Icon

Where to find Waterbending in Fortnite

Fortnite Waterbending Mythic item

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Fortnite Korra has also introduced a new weapon to the battle royale, in the form of the Waterbending technique. Although you'll have to look for this Mythic as random floor loot or chest drop, once you have it equipped you can use it to fire up to 30 sharp frozen projectiles at opponents, then you can recharge it by jumping into water while also being able to swim faster and have your Health steadily recover back to 100.

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