Fortnite Survivor Medals: How to earn Prized Llamas

Fortnite Survivor Medals
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Fortnite Survivor Medals are the latest addition to the challenges you'll be taking on during the battle royale, providing an extra incentive for players to outlast their opponents. Work your way through the ranks and you'll unlock Fortnite Prized Llama back blings to wear, as a badge of honor to display your skills, though you'll also need to rack up eliminations in Fortnite Season 4 if you want to progress. For a breakdown of this new system, here's how to get Survivor Medals in Fortnite and earn Prized Llamas.

How to get Fortnite Survivor Medals

Fortnite Season 4

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To get Fortnite Survivor Medals, as the name suggests, you need to outlast your opponents to reach a certain number of players remaining in a match. However, it's not quite as simple as that, as you will also need to get eliminations along the way in order for your effort to count – otherwise you could just hide up a tree or in a bush for the whole time while your opponents took each other out!

The first Fortnite Survivor Quest is ranked at Common 10, for which you need to reach 50 players remaining with one elimination. With that completed you'll receive the Common 9 quest, and so on all the way up to Common 1, with each challenge getting progressively more difficult.

How to earn Fortnite Prized Llamas

Fortnite Survivor Medals Prized Llamas rewards

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Once you've beaten all of the Common quests you'll receive you first Fortnite Prized Llama back bling, a cosmetic reward that you can equip to show off your survival skills to other players. You'll then move on to Uncommon 10 in the Survivor Quests and repeat the process again at the next difficult level. In total there are seven Survivor Medal rarities to work through, and each time you complete the 10 Survivor Quests associated with it you'll unlock a new Prize Llama back bling in the appropriate rarity color:

  1. Common - gray
  2. Uncommon - green
  3. Rare - blue
  4. Epic - purple
  5. Legendary - orange
  6. Exotic - cyan
  7. Mythic - gold

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