Frostpunk 2's beta hides a terrible scenario where all of the city-builder's factions "go to war," but so far no one's found it

Frostpunk 2
(Image credit: 11 Bit Studios)

You can do so badly in Frostpunk 2 that every in-game faction will go to war against one another, but mercifully, its developer hasn't seen anyone stumble upon the scenario just yet.

Frostpunk 2 is in its closed beta phase right now, ahead of its launch later this year. Developer 11 Bit Studios just took to Twitter to reveal that there's a scenario in the city-builder where every in-game faction can start fighting each other in all-out war, but right now at least, it doesn't look like anyone's uncovered the terrible situation for themselves.

You play the role of the 'Steward' in Frostpunk 2, effectively tasked with guiding the city towards saving humanity, in the wake of the great winter storm from the original game. There's various vying factions in this new city, all seeking to establish their own foothold among the citizenry, and it seems to be these factions that can go to war with one another.

The original Frostpunk didn't have factions, or at least not like this. It was always up to you which system of government and religion to impose on your city, and the alternative options were merely cast into the ether. It looks like in Frostpunk 2, those alternate options are already alive and present in the city, meaning you have to deal with them more directly.

Frostpunk 2 releases later this year on July 25 for PC, and is featured in Xbox's PC Game Pass offerings on day one. Read up on our Frostpunk 2 preview for what we made of the city-building sequel when we played it for ourselves. 

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