Death Stranding parcel delivery meets the X Games in Parcel Corps which now has a September release date

The stunt-riding deliver-'em-up, Parcel Corps, is launching on all major platforms on September 3, as revealed at this year's Future Games Show.

The extreme delivery rider sim from developer Billy Goat Entertainment and publisher Secret Mode takes things up a notch by allowing you to perform death-defying stunts and gnarly moves to race across the vibrant streets of New Island. You might remember getting a good look at some of the movement tech and stunts from last year's August Future Games Show, but the latest trailer also reveals more about what need to do to earn your pay cheques and who will be paying them.

Since every second matters, you'll need to ditch the roads and cycle paths and take every shortcut you can, no matter where that takes you. Grinding along cranes positioned precariously over rivers, bunny-hopping between cargo ships, and wallriding along fences and shipping containers are all in a day's work in the New Island gig economy – particularly if you've got debts to pay off and villainous schemes to keep at bay.

But what will you be delivering and who will you be delivering for? Well, it turns out almost anything that can feasibly fit on a bike needs delivering in this place. You might pick up work from florists, food truckers, and even medical doctors – let's hope those donated hearts are packed nicely. Of course, there are myriad "themed beverage sellers" all across New Island too in case you were worried this was becoming unrealistic.

Parcel Corps will be wheelie-ing onto PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X on September 3, 2024. While it's only a few months away, make sure you follow the game and developer Billy Goat Entertainment on Twitter to keep up with any other news. And if you're planning on playing on PC, why not chuck it on your Steam wishlist?

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