My most anticipated Metroidvania gets even cooler with extremely in-depth customization for the killer anime girls exploring 3D Zelda-like dungeons

Two fighters lock weapons while a street burns in the background in a screenshot from Abyss X Zero
(Image credit: Studio Pixel Punk)

My most anticipated Metroidvania just got even more exciting since you can customize the game's central anime killers. 

Abyss X Zero is the upcoming 3D Metroidvania that takes inspiration from old-school Legend of Zelda dungeons and massive Shadow of the Colossus-style bosses that tower over you - and the fact that it comes from the developers behind the excellent Unsighted seals the deal.

Developer Tiani Pixel recently tweeted an in-progress feature from the game that shot my already high hype levels through the roof. Abyss X Zero is seemingly about two different characters, Codename A and Codename Z, who are "fated to battle each other." And we can customize them to a wild degree that you don't often see in Metroidvanias.

"Not only the equipment and the appearance of the character, but you can also edit the colors," the tweet above explains, alongside a short clip that shows different metal armors, school skirts, stylish Edna Mode bobs, and more available to put on our playable character. The customization can get even more granular with changeable colors for different parts of the outfit, as we can see colors swapped out for the tie, blazer, and shirt separately.

There are also seemingly stats attached to each piece of gear, implying that loot and equipment upgrades will be in the salon too. For those who prefer to equip the best-looking outfits, rather than the strongest, the developer said the team is "working on" a way to detach stats from cosmetics. 

There's currently no word on a release date for Abyss X Zero, but 2024 has kept us occupied with a slew of incredible Metroidvanias between Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, Animal Well, and the psychedelic Ultros. A killer year for the genre, with or without the mysterious Hollow Knight: Silksong.

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