How to get the whip in V Rising

A vampire attacks with a whip in V Rising
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The Whip in V Rising is a weapon type that doesn't unlock for a while, though it's very powerful and worth getting at the earliest opportunity. Recipes for the whip are unlocked through two different bosses, one of which grants basic whip crafting options, while the other boss - or V Blood Carrier - rewards you with the Sanguine whip, its most powerful form. If you're looking for the whip with which to lash your enemies in V Rising, I'll show you how to get it here.

How to unlock the Whip in V Rising

Location of Domina the Blade Dancer and the Whip in V Rising

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The whip in V Rising is first unlocked by beating the boss Domina the Blade Dancer, a level 60 V Blood Carrier who can be found patrolling Rustlock Village in the Gloomrot South region. Killing and draining Domina unlocks the Whip as a craftable weapon back at your Castle Lair.

However, that's not where things end: further into the game, players can fight Castlevania cameo Simon Belmont, the second most powerful boss in all of V Rising. Belmont's location is harder to pin down, as he seems to wander the border between Farbane Woods and Dunley Farmlands (that's where I found him), though some have reported seeing him up in the western Silverlight Hills - which admittedly, I can't confirm. It's entirely possible to run into him at any point in the game along his route, but if you're close to his level, you can track him down.

Simon Belmont's reward page in V Rising, with the sanguine whip highlighted

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Killing Belmont unlocks the Sanguine Whip, which has the best stats for that weapon type in the game. Whips themselves are fairly powerful mid-range weapons that can entangle foes with their special ability, and a good choice for an aspiring vampire tyrant.

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