How to get the Destiny 2 Facet of Grace Fragment

Destiny 2 Facet of Grace fragment unlocked
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To get the Destiny 2 Facet of Grace Prismatic Fragment, you've got to kill lots of Dread enemies scattered across the Lost City. The main targets you need to focus on to get the necessary chest key are several Stasis Omen Subjugators, each supported by more Dread cronies, including Grim and Husks. Eventually, you'll have to battle a Tormentor, so make sure you pack some powerful precision weapons too! To help you find and kill the Dread squads as quickly as possible, I've detailed where you can find each one in Destiny 2 to quickly unlock the Facet of Grace.

Destiny 2 Facet of Grace location

Destiny 2 Facet of Grace path to chest and first omen

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The Prismatic chest for the Facet of Grace Fragment is in the Lost City region of Destiny 2 The Final Shape's Pale Heart, which you walk through during the very first mission of the campaign. However, you won't be able to open the chest right away because you need a key, and standing next to the chest triggers the puzzle that gets you that key, so it's important to know where to look:

  1. From the Lost City Tower, head out into the first area of the Lost City proper.
  2. Go immediately right and jump across the platforms to the next rooftop where you'll spot a tall building.
  3. Go inside the building via the side door to find the Prismatic reward chest requiring an Elevated Prismatic Key.

How to get the Elevated Prismatic Key in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Facet of Grace prismatic chest

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Upon approaching this chest, a bunch of Dread enemies will spawn, and you'll see the message "Omens appear". This is the start of the Dread-killing challenge that leads you to getting the Elevated Prismatic Key, so kill the Omen miniboss and their Dread minions, then be prepared to fight several more squads of Dread and eventually a Destiny 2 Tormentor boss. Here's how you go about finding those Dread squads:

  1. Firstly, kill the Dread near the Prismatic chest.
  2. Next, head all the way to the opposite side of this Lost City area and kill the second Omen and the Dread you find there.

Destiny 2 Facet of Grace path to second omen

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  1. Go back to the central area and hop across the orange platforms on the right side to reach the third Omen and its Dread squad. You can also find one of the Destiny 2 Traveler collectibles in this area too.

Destiny 2 Facet of Grace path to third omen

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  1. Return to the central area and kill two more Omens. The Tormentor will also be here but will be shielded, so you can't damage it.

Destiny 2 Facet of Grace omen 4

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  1. Kill the Tormentor. Once the two remaining Omens and all the Dread are dead, the Tormentor's shield will be down.

With the Tormentor dead, you'll be awarded the Elevated Prismatic Key, so go back to the chest and open it to get the Facet of Grace Fragment. There are four other Destiny 2 Prismatic Fragments you can get by completing puzzles while patrolling the Pale Heart, so make sure you grab those – since you're close by, you should venture deeper into the Lost City Outskirts to get the Destiny 2 Facet of Mending too.

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