How to get Destiny 2 Memory Vestiges of Light and Darkness

Destiny 2 Memory Vestige Darkness from chest
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Gathering Destiny 2 Memory Vestiges is one of the ways you can get more Prismatic Fragments, but you need to find multiple to combine them into a useful Memory. The Light and Darkness types are obtained differently, but if you're after an easy way of getting both, the Alone in the Dark quest is easily you're best option since it gets you to complete the necessary activities in the Pale Heart as you play Destiny 2 The Final Shape. If you want to know how these Memory Vestiges work, here's what you need to know about finding and combining them into completed Memories.

Where to get Memory Vestiges in Destiny 2

Memory Vestiges, both Light and Darkness flavors, work in the same way, but you get them from different sources in Destiny 2:

  • Memory Vestige: Light – Gathered by killing glowing enemies in Cysts. Once you get five of them, they'll automatically combine into a Memory: Refraction/Blooming/Seclusion of Light.

Destiny 2 Memory Vestige of light from glowing cyst enemies

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  • Memory Vestige: Darkness – Found in Darkness-corrupted chests across the Pale Heart. These chests are unlocked by completing a simple objective within 90 seconds, such as following a trail of light beacons, destroying red blights with grenades, cleaning dark sludge, and shooting a giant tumbleweed over to a bowl. Collecting five of these automatically fuses them into a Memory: Divisive/Impassive Darkness.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Pale Heart corrupt chest

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Both types can be easily gathered by completing the Destiny 2 Alone in the Dark quest, which you can replay infinitely to get rewards. The quest involves Overthrow, which is a good opportunity to find corrupted chests for Memory Vestiges: Darkness, and then you can get Memory Vestiges: Light during the Cyst. You can easily get nine Destiny 2 Lost Encryption Bits by finding all the Region Chests while completing Overthrow, then look for the final six bits hidden in each Cyst.

Destiny 2 Memory Blooming of Light on map

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As mentioned, collecting five of the same type of Vestige causes them to automatically combine into a completed Memory that's related to a particular region in the Pale Heart. This reveals a search area for that region on your map that leads to a chest containing one Destiny 2 Prismatic Fragment – check out this guide to see where exactly all the Prismatic reward chests are.

Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, repeating Memories provides no other rewards. Furthermore, you can have only one Light Memory and one Darkness Memory in your inventory at once, otherwise your Vestiges won't combine.

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