How to get all Destiny 2 Prismatic Fragments

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Unlock all the Destiny 2 Prismatic Fragments and you'll have lots of build options to come up with some powerful Prismatic builds. The starting selection of Fragments is quite small, so you've got to plunder the Pale Heart for the rest of them, which will involve completing puzzles, gathering specific items, or looking off the beaten path in Destiny 2 missions. Here's how you unlock all Prismatic Fragments in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Prismatic Fragment locations

Destiny 2 Prismatic Fragments Facet of Command chest

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There are 15 Prismatic Fragments to unlock in Destiny 2. With the six you start with (Facets of Courage, Dawn, Hope, Protection, Purpose, and Ruin), that's 21 in total. Most of the unlockable Fragments can be found while patrolling the main destination for Destiny 2 The Final Shape, The Pale Heart. Additionally, Fragments you unlock are available on all your other characters, so you don't have to collect each one multiple times!

I'd say it's best to focus on finding Fragments after you've completed the campaign, but you should keep an eye out for the five Fragments you can pick up across the last few missions (though any you miss can be collected in the Destiny 2 Cooperative Focus versions of these missions while completing the Exotic quest for the Destiny 2 Microcosm weapon). The first five Prismatic Fragments listed below are found in the campaign, the next five are found while patrolling the Pale Heart (they're a lot more complicated to get so most have their own guides linked), and the final five can only be found by collecting Destiny 2 Memory Vestiges of Light and Darkness.

Destiny 2 Facet of Bravery

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During the Ascent mission, the main path will lead you to the front fuselage section of a massive plane. Instead of walking through, go right and jump down to another section of the fuselage just off the cliff. The Prismatic chest is inside this cliff fuselage section.

Destiny 2 Facet of Blessing

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Reward found after opening the door to the Lower Temple during the Dissent mission. Impossible to miss.

Destiny 2 Facet of Devotion

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This Prismatic reward chest is found during the escape section after defeating the Pillar of Devotion Scorn boss. As you start running along the makeshift walkways that disintegrate, stick with the middle path all the way to the end and you'll run into the chest tucked in a corner.

Destiny 2 Facet of Balance

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Reward found after defeating the Tormentor boss at the beginning of the Iconoclasm mission. Also impossible to miss.

Destiny 2 Facet of Sacrifice

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After climbing the Sacrarium towards the end of the Destiny 2 Iconoclasm mission, you'll walk into a room with a large sculpture of a Cabal War Beast fused with a Fallen captain. Head into the smaller room to the left, then look up to spot a tiny ledge above a white light on one of the walls. Jump up to the ledge and crouch through the crawlspace. Eventually, you'll reach the Prismatic reward chest containing the Facet of Sacrifice.

Destiny 2 Facet of Grace

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You can find the chest containing the Destiny 2 Facet of Grace in the first area of the Lost City region. All you have to do is kill three squads of Dread and a Tormentor boss, but finding all the enemies isn't quite so straightforward since they're spread out a lot. Make sure you check out the linked guide.

Destiny 2 Facet of Mending

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For this Prismatic Chest, you've first got to find four Lost Ghosts hanging throughout the Lost City Outskirts. They're quite well hidden, so I've made a separate guide for getting the Destiny 2 Facet of Mending Prismatic Fragment to clearly explain the Ghost-hunting process.

Destiny 2 Facet of Justice

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For the Destiny 2 Facet of Justice Fragment, you need to solve an unusual puzzle involving Hive symbols and placing Solar crystals. It's not helped by the fact that it's also a pain to solve solo since you almost need to be in two places at once, so this separate guide offers a clear explanation for the solution.

Destiny 2 Facet of Command

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Getting the Destiny 2 Facet of Command Fragment is another complicated endeavour, requiring you to go all through the ice caves in the Divide in search of ice piles and depositing elemental charges. Although the chest for the Legendary Destiny 2 Khvostov is also in this area, so look grab that if you've got all the Destiny 2 Lost Encryption Bits as well.

Destiny 2 Facet of Defiance

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The Facet of Defiance Destiny 2 Prismatic Fragment is the least complicated of this bunch. It's found in a cave in the second open area of the Transgression region. Head through the region bearing left and you should spot a cave with a gnarled tree and a glowing magenta rock in front of it. To enter and survive in the cave, you need the Shielded From Darkness buff gained by shooting Darkness orbs, so make sure you keep your buff topped up. Here's what you need to do in the cave to get the Fragment:

  • Head inside the cave and go all the way to the end. You'll find the Prismatic chest and a Darkness splinter that you can activate by following the button prompt.
  • Activate the splinter. This causes several Dread Husks to spawn with impenetrable shields.
  • Find and destroy three Eyes of Suffering around the cave to remove the Husks' shields then kill the Husks. More shielded Husks will spawn.
  • Find and destroy four Eyes of Suffering, then kill the Husks. A final wave of shielded Husks will spawn after.
  • Find and destroy six Eyes of Suffering, then kill all the Husks.
  • Activate the splinter again, then kill all the Dread enemies that spawn, including the Tormentor boss to get the Transgressive Prismatic key, which you can use to open the chest.

Destiny 2 Facet of Awakening

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Get a Memory: Refractions of Light and find the Prismatic chest in the Refraction region. The chest is on top of a twisted tree branch high up in the open area of the Refraction beyond where you got the Facet of Justice from.

Destiny 2 Facet of Dominance

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Get the Facet of Dominance by creating a Memory: Seclusions of Light and find the Prismatic chest in the Seclusion region. Go over to the massive rock formation on top of the hill with a waterfall next to it. Climb the rocks and you should spot the chest to the right of the waterfall.

Destiny 2 Facet of Generosity

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The Facet of Generosity can be found in the Blooming when you've got the Memory: Blooming of Light. Jump up to the massive tree of silver wings in the middle of the region, then walk around to its southwest side. You'll find the Prismatic chest poking out the roots.

Destiny 2 Facet of Honor

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With the Memory: Divisive Darkness, you can find the Facet of Honor Prismatic Fragment in the Divide. Backtrack through the cosmodrome wall and ice caves via the Impasse and stop when you first get outside onto the mountaintop. Jump to the upper area on your left then look down the mountain and you should see the Prismatic chest on top of a wall section.

Destiny 2 Facet of Solitude

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Acquire a Memory: Impassive Darkness and you can discover the Prismatic chest in the Impasse region. Head right to the edge of the northeast corner of the area and look down. You'll see the chest on a tiny ledge that you can drop down to. This is also very close to one of the Destiny 2 Traveler collectibles.

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