All the Fallout 76 Skyline Valley map locations and new things to find

Fallout 76 skyline Valley
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The new Fallout 76 Skyline Valley map update adds a whole new area to Appalachia, with the DLC expansion opening up into new territories. There's Vault 63, a Lost faction - the Lost - and lot of new locations and places to discover. I've been exploring it all so here's all the new places you can find, and have all the info on what's there.

Fallout 76 new map

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I've highlighted the Skyline Valley region on the map above, which is in the bottom middle part of the playable area. There's no official level for this expansion area yet but you'll need to be at least level 25 to access the main mission. It's also smack in the Savage Divide, which has one of the widest level ranges in the game - level 15-99 and you'll generally meet enemies levelled to meet you, with a few tougher ones here and there. 

Fallout 76 Skyline Valley map

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This is the new Fallout 76 Skyline Valley map update in full, with 26 named points of interest and some unmarked areas in the DLC expansion. There's a new public event, a new nuke event involving a boss battle with Storm Goliath robots, and a range of new enemies like the Lost - who are the electrified and ghoul-ified members of a new Vault, 63. There's also some new enemies, like Threshers - giant mutated turkeys, and communist soldiers to deal with. And, obviously, all the usual Super Mutants, Blood Eagles, Mothman cultists, and so on.

  1. Three Ponds - A small series of pools and water falls.
  2. Hawksbill Weather Station - A large multi-level base full of robots you'll visit during the main DLC quest to access the Vault 63 Meteorology Sector. It's also the location of the Storm Goliaths accessed via the Neurological Warfare event triggered by dropping a nuke in the Skyline Valley area.
  3. Shenandoah Visitor Center - Inside there's a locked door that needs a Visitors Center Key to open which you'll get as part of the main expansion quest.
  4. Ranger Station Bunker - Inside you'll find Kevin the Park Ranger and a tunnel to a Shenandoah Visitor Center door you can't open until he does it for you during a quest.
  5. Johnson's Acre - This is a Cult of the Mothman base. There's a lot enemies, but also a lot of loot and resources, and various workbenches.
  6. Makeout Point - A scenic area with a few skeletons and notes.
  7. Hemlock Springs Dump - This a toxic area full of radiation barrels and Mirelurks.
  8. Thunder Mountain Substation TM-03 - This is home to the new Dangerous Pastimes event where you have to find parts to get a lightning harvester working, while battling the new Lost enemies and a hermit crab boss. There's also a building nearby where you can start the mission to find personal effects for Craig in Fallout 76.
  9. Dark Hollow Manor - This large house is surrounded by a ravine, filled with Feral Lost Ghouls and the entrance for Vault 63. In the basement there's a lift that will take you to Hugo Stolz - a Lost Ghoul and overseer of the Vault - who provides the main expansion quest.
  10. Research Site Rhineland - There's a lightning harvester here and various Lost enemies.
  11. High Knob Lookout - There's a Blood Eagle outpost here. You can also climb the tower to survey the area and add any nearby undiscovered locations to your map.
  12. Grindstone Arch - This is a Super Mutant outpost where you can also find a Behemoth.
  13. Research Site Saxony - This area is overrun by Super Mutants and there's another lightning harvester here.
  14. Old Cremora Mines - This is a large underground area taken over by the Cult of the Mothman. You can find a note here for a password to use in the Shenandoah Visitor Center.
  15. Naked Creek - There's a small abandoned base area with a cooking station and littered with bodies and remains. There's usually Thrashers here, a new giant mutant turkey enemy.
  16. Big Meadows Gas Well - Currently this is a large mining facility infested with Mole Miners and Radscorpions.
  17. Rapidan Camp - The Presidential retreat. The Presidential bunker could briefly be accessed on the Public Test Server but it appears that area and some related missions have been cut. Currently it's just full of aggressive Mister Handies, with one friendly robot called Gumly inside one of the buildings. There's also a 'Special Agent' assaultron near a Vertibird on a landing pad.
  18. Old Rag Lookout - There's another tower here you can use to survey the area and unlock any nearby undiscovered map markers.
  19. Slumber Mill Motel - This is a Lost filled area that's home to another (currently) cut quest relating to Vault 65 engineering - hence an unusable basement lift, Vault gear and Engineer class Lost.
  20. Trading Post - This is exactly what it say it is, a trading post where you can meet Murry, a Mister Handy vendor. There's also a range of workbenches, vending machines and a stash.
  21. South River Bridge - Unsurprisingly, there's a bridge here but not much else currently.
  22. Stony Man Lookout - There's a survey tower here you can use to unlock surrounding map points, as well as a Super Mutant base.
  23. Camp Liberty - This summer camp has been repurposed as a communist training camp and is full of brainwashed communist troops. There's a lot of well armed enemies here but also plenty of vending machines, workbenches and feels a little like an opposite of Camp McClintock.
  24. Research Site Bavaria - There's another Lightning Harvester here.
  25. Shining Creek Cavern - This is a large underground area, guarded by Lost and full of mutated creatures like Radscorpions. It seems to bleed into parts of Vault 63 but there are a few locked doors that need keys to be able to explore further. 
  26. Abandoned Convoy - There's a Super Mutant Base here but otherwise it's exactly what it says it is with derelict cars and debris scattered around.

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