All Wuthering Waves codes and how to redeem them

Wuthering Waves codes
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Wuthering Waves codes are in much demand, especially as for a while after launch there was only a single promo available, but following the release of the 1.1 update at the end of June the list has expanded somewhat. There are now additional Wuthering Waves redemption codes to claim, so you can top up your inventory with a selection of handy resources in this free-to-play gacha RPG without having to spend time grinding from them, so you can get on with the important business of exploring Solaris-3 and progressing the story. As these codes can be revealed by various sources it can be difficult to keep up with announcements, so I'm here to help round everything up for easy reference.

When redeemed, these promo codes will give players a selection of useful items, with the most important being Astrite. That resource is used to purchase Tides, which in turn fund Wuthering Waves wishes – pulls in the gacha side of the game to obtain new Resonators and more. Check back here regularly as I'll be adding new Wuthering Waves codes as they're announced, so you'll always be up to date on the latest offers.

Wuthering Waves codes

  • WUTHERINGGIFT – 50 Astrite, two Premium Resonance Potion, two Medium Revival Inhaler, two Medium Energy Bag, 10,000 Shell Credit
  • BAHAMUTKXMHM – Five Medium Resonance Potion, five Medium Energy Core, 50,000 Shell Credit
  • DCARD3VN7M – Five Medium Resonance Potion, five Medium Energy Core, 50,000 Shell Credit
  • PTTMYZSOM – Five Medium Resonance Potion, five Medium Energy Core, 50,000 Shell Credit

After a post-launch lull, there are now four Wuthering Waves codes available to claim following the 1.1 update. While the first code was included at launch and is likely to be semi-permanent, the other three are more recent additions that could expire at any point so make sure you redeem them as soon as possible – if you receive a message stating "The redemption code has been used" when you try to claim it then it is no longer valid.

  • Voucher of Reciprocal Tides – one 5-Star Resonator

All players should have received an in-game mail titled "[Rewards] A Special Thanks from Wuthering Waves Dev Team", which will have the Voucher of Reciprocal Tides Convene Token attached to it. To use this, you need to reach Union Level 8 or unlock the Convene function through the trial in "First Resonance", then you can use the voucher on the Convene screen and select a 5-Star Resonator to claim for free. This voucher is valid until May 22, 2025, so you have plenty of time to meet those minimum requirements.

How to redeem Wuthering Waves codes

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Unlike the promos for other games such as Genshin Impact codes, Honkai Star Rail codes, and Zenless Zone Zero codes, there is currently no way to redeem Wuthering Waves codes online via the official website. Therefore you'll need to claim them directly through the game, however you can only redeem Wuthering Waves codes after defeating the first tutorial boss and reaching Union Level 2.

After progressing beyond that point, open the Terminal menu then select the Settings cog in the bottom right corner of the screen. Scroll down the list to the Other Settings option, marked with an icon of a wrench on top of a square, then under the Account heading is a Redemption Code 'Redeem' button which will let you enter your code. If you can't see this option then you haven't progressed far enough into the story yet, so keep pushing forward.

How to redeem Wuthering Waves codes through the inbox

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After entering a valid Wuthering Waves code through this route, you'll then need to head back to the main Terminal menu and select the mail icon at the bottom to access your inbox, where your rewards will have been delivered. Hit the 'Claim' button at the end of the mail and the items will be added to your inventory – these mails are currently set to automatically delete after 15 days, so make sure you go and claim your rewards promptly.

Expired Wuthering Waves codes

Wuthering Waves codes

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As the game hasn't been out for long there are no official expired Wuthering Waves codes yet, though the following two codes were being shared around online at launch which could either be fake or not activated yet. It's unclear if they were obtained from the game files, unreleased marketing material, or if somebody made them up. If a use for them is found in the future, then I will update this guide accordingly with that information:


The Echo Starter Pack that was being offered via the Epic Games Store expired on June 13, and the deadline of June 23 to redeem the code you received from it has now passed:

  • Echo Starter Pack – Incomplete Elite Class Echo, ten Premium Tuner, five Advanced Sealed Tube

The Waking of a World Bundle that was being offer via Twitch has also expired as of June 22, though you do at least have until August 31 to redeem the code you received in your Drops Inventory if you completed the task:

  • Waking of a World Bundle – 100 Astrite, Incomplete Overlord Class Echo, ten Advanced Resonance Potion, ten Advanced Energy Core, 10,000 Shell Credit

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