Helldivers 2 studio working on a "solution" for players "getting kicked by an a**ehole lobby leader" before getting mission rewards

Helldivers 2
(Image credit: Arrowhead Game Studios)

Developer Arrowhead Game Studios is working on a fix for players who get unfairly booted from Helldivers 2 missions early.

Divers have recently been posting viral clips that show players getting booted from a mission during extraction, or even worse, during the little extraction cutscene that plays when the team is fully onboard the escape shuttle. Griefers and trolls exist in most multiplayer games, and Super Earth forces aren't immune to turncoats either. 

In the Helldivers 2 Discord channel, community manager Twinbeard shared that a "solution" is in the works for situations where unfair griefing does happen, after one player asked to "keep 50 percent of the samples collected if [they] get kicked by an arsehole lobby leader when the dropship has been called." (via Eurogamer.)  

"We're actually working on a solution to mitigate problems with, well, 'getting kicked by an arsehole lobby leader' as someone once eloquently put it," Twinbeard shared. "No ETA on that, but it's coming."

What that solution looks like is still in question, but as is usually the case with Helldivers 2, the community has plenty of ideas. One possible solution on Reddit cites fellow co-op shooter Deep Rock Galactic as inspiration since that game gives kicked dwarves 25 percent of the XP and resources they collected in a mission.

One other community suggestion stems from not wanting to share rewards with actual bad actors. The pitch is a reputation system where Helldivers can dish out awards and/or ratings at the end of missions - think the Uber star system or that one scary Black Mirror episode about social media - thus, well-behaved divers get matched with other well-behaved divers, while trolls and griefers are forced to play (and suffer) together as well.

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