Hades 2 fans think the roguelike sequel confirms a 6-year-old fan theory about the mysterious narrator's identity, in an easter egg 2,000 years in the making

Hades 2 announcement trailer
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The Hades 2 technical test has only been live for a day, and it already seems to have confirmed a long-running fan theory about who the Narrator is. 

Earlier this week, developer Supergiant Games announced that the Hades 2 beta will "begin shortly" and that the roguelike's "Early Access shouldn't be far behind." Jump ahead just two days and the technical test is live - meaning select players are now making their way through the Underworld. If you missed the original announcement, find out how to access the Hades 2 technical test

Since this is our first taste of the highly anticipated sequel, glimpses into the beta have started appearing online. For instance, over on the Hades subreddit, someone has shared a discovery that's had players wondering since the original's launch in 2018. If you don't want to know any more, we suggest leaving the story here, but if you don't mind finding out the Narrator's possible identity, keep reading. 

True identity of the narrator from r/HadesTheGame

It appears that Melinoë knows who the mysterious Narrator is and names them in the beta test. "Shush Homer!" the Princess of the Underworld says. "How shall I ever catch her if you're going to describe my every move?" This interaction is interesting because it not only seemingly confirms the Narrator's identity but also shows that another character other than Zagreus can communicate with them.

Since Hades is full of nods to Greek history and mythology, it's assumed that this is a reference to the Greek poet Homer, author of the Iliad and the Odyssey, and not Homer Simpson. Some fans knew this would be the case, while others were completely surprised by the reveal. "They finally confirmed it," one user responds to the post. "Called it. Well, I think most of us called it," another has says in the comments. "I know it’s the poet but the idea of Homer Simpson just reading Greek mythology is great," another adds.  

Supergiant Games appears to be going all out with Hades 2 now. In the same week as the technical test, the developer hosted a huge gameplay stream out of nowhere which revealed everything from new features, characters, Boons, and more. In other news, it took less than 3 hours for Hades 2's new and returning characters to put the entire fandom in horny jail.

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