For under $500, this Hisense model is the QLED gaming TV I’d pick right now

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Hisense is somewhat of a hero within the cheap gaming TV space, but I’m still surprised to see one of its 2024 QLED models drop to under $500 this early. For the money, you’re getting something that’ll put your old 2010s model to shame and give your new-gen console a glow-up, not to mention it's packed full of features that used to be reserved for premium panels.

To take advantage of the Hisense U6N deal, you’ll want to head to Amazon, as the 55-inch model is down to $449.99 (was $599.99). The nifty 25% discount serves as a record low on one of the company’s best gaming TV options for this year, besting previous offers by $50. While introductory price cuts are very much a norm when it comes to fresh screens, the fact this specific model has dropped further makes it better value than most QLED displays at this price range.

That’s not to say the Hisense U6N is now the cheapest TV out there, and you’ll be able to scrimp further if you stick with a traditional LED panel. However, as someone who uses an older display in between reviewing the latest screens, I can assure you that opting for newer tech is invaluable for gaming. Not only will this display provide far better contrast and accurate colors compared to more affordable options, but Game Mode Plus features are going to help combat latency when playing twitchy PS5 and Xbox games. Even PC players can benefit from the U6N’s gaming-focussed features, as it boasts AMD FreeSync support that’ll combat tearing when using the latest graphics cards. 

Hisense U6N 55-inch | $599.99$448 at AmazonSave $150 -

Hisense U6N 55-inch | $599.99 $448 at Amazon
Save $150 - The U6N is already an affordable QLED TV, but a cheeky 25% discount brings the 2024 model under $500. While previous discounts brought it just below that mark not long ago, this deal goes the extra mile by taking another $50 off that previous best offer.

Buy it if:
You want a big, bright screen
You’re upgrading from an older LED model
You care about detail and clarity

Don't buy it if:
You need faster than 60Hz
You’re moving from an OLED display

Price check: Best Buy $449.99 | Walmart $498 

Should you buy the Hisense U6N? 

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At well under $500, the Hisense U6N is the 55-inch TV I’m most likely to recommend to friends and family. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love it if everyone could afford something as magnificent as the LG OLED G3 or its new G4 successor, but most gamers I know will be more than impressed with the punchy abilities of QLED screens like this. Yes, the blacks aren’t quite as inky as an OLED, but the tech valiantly narrows the experience gap with great color accuracy and excellent local dimming abilities. 

That said, I’d argue that there’s a specific group of PS5 and Xbox players who might be better off checking out TVs like the Hisense U7K. That specific model takes things up a notch with a faster 144Hz refresh rate, which is something flagship LG models are only just getting around to including. You’re still getting the same QLED tech, though, so that upspend really is just for those of you who play games at 120fps like Overwatch 2 or have a living room PC with extra frame-boosting horsepower. 

If you’re keen to get on the organic LED bandwagon and would rather avoid models with a four-digit price tag, you’ll perhaps want to consider the LG OLED C3, as it’s currently down to $996 at Amazon. I’m not convinced everyone will think enhanced contrast and colors justify spending practically double the price of the Hisense U6N, but it’s the next place I’d jump to when considering TVs specifically for gaming right now. 

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