The brand-new LG OLED C4 just took its first price cut for Memorial Day

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It’s easy to assume only older gaming TV models get price cuts during the sales, but the new LG OLED C4 is actually discounted ahead of Memorial Day. That’s fantastic news for anyone looking to pick up one of the latest panels to hit the market for less, and now could be your last chance to do so before the summer kicks off. 

Over at Amazon right now, you’ll find all versions of the LG OLED C4 down to new record low prices. The 43-inch model has dipped from $1,499.99 to $1,296.99 via a 14% discount, while the larger 65-inch model is over $400 cheaper at $2,296.99 (was $2,699.99). This is the first time any of the new 2024 models have dropped from MSRP, marking a new record-low to beat. You’ll even be able to save on the monstrous sizes if you’re looking to build a cinema experience. Just keep in mind that you’re still looking at just shy of $5,000 for the 83-incher, as we’re still talking about a flagship that only just arrived on the shore.

Gunning for the best gaming TV crown, the C4 aims to build upon everything that made the LG OLED C3 so great. It’s still rocking that excellent 120Hz panel we fell in love with last year, but is now armed with the company’s latest OS and a new a9 AI Processor. These traits are going to help improve all the image processing going on behind the scenes, leading to better gaming visuals overall compared to regular screens.  

LG OLED C4 43-inch | $1,499.99$1,296.99 at AmazonSave $203 -

LG OLED C4 43-inch | $1,499.99 $1,296.99 at Amazon
Save $203 - It’s great to see the shiny new LG OLED C4 join in on Memorial Day festivities, and you’ll find introductory discounts across all models. The 43-inch model is particularly attractive since it’s now available for under $1,300, which is a great price if you’re into the idea of having one of the newest panels to hit the market. 

Buy it if:
You want one of the latest OLED TVs

You need faster 120Hz visuals

You prioritise contrast and color

Don't buy it if:
You’d rather grab a C3 for less

You want a brighter mini-LED model

Other available sizes:
📺55-inch - $1,999.99 $1,596.99 at Amazon
📺65-inch - $2,699.99 $2,296.99 at Amazon
📺77-inch - $3,699.99 $3,296.99 at Amazon 

Should you buy the LG OLED C4? 

If you’re eyeing up the LG OLED C4, chances are you like to buy the latest tech as soon as it’s available. Otherwise, you’d probably be more likely to wait for record-low OLED C3 deals, as both models are very similar in terms of panel performance. The main issue is that the 2023 model is mostly likely to hit a price worth jumping at during Prime Day or Black Friday, and if you opt for the latter sale you’ll be waiting the majority of the year to upgrade your screen. You’ll also potentially find the C4 for less at that point too, and holding off isn’t something many enthusiasts will vibe with.

Those of you who are simply in the market for great Memorial Day TV sales might want to turn your attention to alternative brands. For example, if you’re not hellbent on picking up an OLED, the new Hisense U8N will offer up 144Hz mini-LED abilities for just $799.99 (down from $1099.99). It’s even still possible to snag a great LG OLED deal if you opt for the B3, as it’s down from $1,296.99 to $1,096.99 right now. 

Ultimately, whether you should buy the OLED C4 comes down to whether you want the newest TV possible. You’re always going to pay more for the latest models, but at least this Memorial Day offer will save you a chunk if you’ve already got one in your basket.

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