Where is the Helldivers 2 push to talk button?

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You can use the Helldivers 2 push to talk option by pressing the Capslock button on your PC, but you're also completely empowered to change what button you'd prefer it to be, as well as all the Helldivers 2 voice chat options attached to it. Still, it's not hugely well-explained, so for clarity's sake, we'll cover the various options for push-to-talk functionality below.

Where to find the push to talk button in Helldivers 2 

Helldivers 2 push to talk

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Obviously your first guess to find the push to talk button in Helldivers 2 is going to be the Audio options, but all you'll find there are the various Voice chat settings where you can set it to Open, Push to Talk, Push to Mute, and so on. To find out what the push to talk button is and change it if you want, you actually need to go into the Mouse & Keyboard options and choose Change Bindings. 

Helldivers 2 push to talk pc

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Once in the keybindings settings, tab over to the third communications option where you'll see the 'Voice Activation (PTT/PTM)' option, stating it's Capslock. From there, you can change it to anything you want, or leave it, safe in the knowledge you know what it is now.  

It's an easy change for mouse and keyboard players, but if you're playing with friends on PS5, perhaps via Helldivers 2 crossplay, push to talk is not something I'd recommend as the PS5 button is unbound by default: 

Helldivers 2 push to talk ps5

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That's probably because there aren't a lot of buttons left you could realistically bind it to on the PS5 pad, if you wanted to use the option - definitely best to stick with regular game chat or switch to Discord on PS5. But, if it's something you really want, I'm sure you can work something else out. Who needs a reload button anyway?

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