Helldivers 2's latest Warbond has a rifle that's so unbelievably bad it almost feels like the Automatons are telling us to use it just so we lose ground

Helldivers 2
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A new gun might've only debuted in Helldivers 2 today, but it's already being labeled "ass" and "trash."

It's the 'BR-14 Adjudicator,' which was just added via the Helldivers 2 Democratic Detonation Warbond, that's drawn the player base's ire. The Reddit post just below has dubbed the new rifle to be "ass," for example, with a commenter saying they did a double-take at the gun's incredibly low damage statistic, especially for a marksman rifle.

Damn, this thing is ASS!!! from r/Helldivers

"It's sort of a weird gun. I mean, I felt it was vastly underperforming, but it was oddly enjoyable to shoot," adds another comment. A player elsewhere writes that it's a real shame the Adjudicator is so lame because it looks "cool." They're hoping developer Arrowhead buffs the weapon to make it more viable at some point in the future.

The post below, meanwhile, writes that the Adjudicator is "basically unusable." What's more, the player adds that all three in-game Marksman Rifles in Helldivers 2 are bad and that "shotguns are still the best snipers because the snipers are shit." Sorry, marksman lovers, this weapon ain't it.

Eruptor is one of the most fun weapons in the game, sadly the Adjudicator is absolute trash. from r/Helldivers

Other players are even claiming the Adjudicator's shots don't always go where you're aiming. "This gun at range seems to not shoot straight going off to the left or right side sometimes," reads another Reddit post, adding that it can take three or four shots to down a single Automaton. "From the one mission I had with it, I never wanted to use it again."

The Helldivers 2 subreddit is awash with posts about how bad the Adjudicator is. Some are actually going against the grain and lamenting that others are so quick to dub a weapon "useless," especially since it only just launched earlier today, but the prevailing sentiment is that the new rifle is very bad, and not at all fit for armor-penetration purposes. 

One weapon that has thankfully gone down well is the Eruptor. The player below is trying a bit of reverse psychology on developer Arrowhead, trying to get them to buff the weapon by convincing the developer it's bad, when actually it's pretty damn good. At least there's one new gun that's going down a treat with players, so it's not all bad news.

The Eruptor is absolute garbage! from r/Helldivers

Additionally, Arrowhead quietly added in brand new Helldivers 2 Ship Module upgrades alongside the new Warbond, entirely for free for anyone to unlock. There's some incredibly useful stuff in the upgrades, like strengthening fire-based damage, but unfortunately they'll take a fair bit of of grinding out Samples to unlock.

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