Master your weapons to defeat monster swarms in Hordes of Hunger's Survivorslike challenge

Prepare to battle hordes of medieval beasts in Hordes of Hunger's frantic survival arena battler, which revealed new gameplay at the Future Games Show. Coming to PC this hack-and-slash adventure will combine high production values and an engaging narrative that evolves as you progress, to create an addictive and satisfying Survivorslike challenge.

Set in a medieval realm of dark folklore this fast-paced arena-slasher will see you play as Mirah - a warrior trapped in Ismer, a land engulfed by something called the living hunger, and a cosmic horror known as the Beast. To survive you'll need to fight ever-increasing hordes of monsters to reach the Beast, and finally defeat them. 

This hack-and-slash adventure will see you battling through an environment inspired by mediaeval dark folklore. Each time you fight you'll face ever-growing waves of enemies with 30 types of creatures to find, face, master, and defeat. To help you survive you can unlock, level up, and make use of 60 skills and fine-tune over 25 different weapon and ability loadout combinations. 

As you slash your way through the monster horde the story will evolve as you save other characters from the living hunger and the Beast. These people will be able to help you better understand the dangers ahead, as well as provide aid for future runs. 

And you'll need all the help you can get as you master your skills and weapons, and master the strategies you'll need to take on the increasingly challenging threats between you and your goal. Wishlist Hordes of Hunger now on Steam and follow the game on Twitter and Discord to stay up to date. 

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