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Minecraft Legends
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This Minecraft Legends guides page has got the full lowdown on the action strategy game, with all of the details you need to know. As a day one Xbox Game Pass title and a recent PlayStation Plus inclusion, this adventure is easily accessible to a wide range of gamers, but you may be wondering if it's right for you – or, you've already downloaded it and are looking for some guidance on what to do next! Either way, here's a round up of everything worth saying about Minecraft Legends, including guides, our review, and much more besides!

Minecraft Legends review

Minecraft Legends

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Josh West, Features Editor at GamesRadar
Josh West

In my full Minecraft Legends review I put the Xbox Series X version of the game to the test and found it to be a disappointing real-time strategy experience that didn't offer nearly enough opportunities for creative problem solving. With a limited field of view, few command inputs, and uninteresting AI, Legends fails to generate compelling combat cycles or live up to the potential of its concept. 

Minecraft Legends platforms

Minecraft Legends

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Although Microsoft owns Mojang, having acquired the developer and the Minecraft IP in 2014, the company remains committed to ensuring release parity for this universe. That means that Minecraft Legends in available on practically every platform there is: Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5. Minecraft Legends has also been part of the Xbox Game Pass list from day one, meaning it's available to Xbox and PC Game Pass users as part of that subscription, and it was also part of the PlayStation Plus line up for April 2024.

Minecraft Legends multiplayer

Minecraft Legends

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Minecraft Legends has its own systems for multiplayer, where players can team up in either cooperative or competitive gameplay, while fighting the Piglins or each other. For more info about how it works and how you can set it up, our guide to Minecraft Legends multiplayer will explain everything you need!

Minecraft Legends essentials

Minecraft Legends tips tricks

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Getting into Minecraft Legends isn't the easiest thing in the world, especially if you're not used to RTS strategy games. That's why we've laid out some essentials below to help people cross those initial hurdles.

Getting better at Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends best mobs

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Once you've got Minecraft Legends' fundamentals down and handled, there's plenty more to work out. Here's a selection of guides that'll carry you out of those early moments into the mid-game and further beyond!

  • You can't make anything good without a supply of Minecraft Legends iron, which we can show you how to get here!
  • Need to get around quick? Our guide to Minecraft Legends fast travel will explain speedy teleportation and transport.
  • The Minecraft Legends Prismarine resource acts similarly to experience, so we've laid out how it can be farmed at the attached page!
  • The Minecraft Legends Nether Portal is one of the early, tougher experiences, where you have to break into a fortress and destroy the Piglin's portal. It's not the last time you'll have to do this, so our guide will help you in all occurrences!
  • The Minecraft Legends Portal Pile is the first of the Lost Legends and Myths to be released, and if you're having trouble beating it, we can explain how!

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