My Adventures with Superman season 2 debuts first look footage and teases a mysterious new character

Clark Kent is in trouble in My Adventures with Superman season 2.
(Image credit: Adult Swim)

Adult Swim has released a brief first look at footage from My Adventures with Superman season 2. The hit DC animated series debuted last year and focuses on the twenty-something Superman as he gets to know Lois Lane and their mutual friend Jimmy Olsen. 

In the new footage, Kal-El has a visitation from the hologram of his father Jor-El, who comes with an ominous message: "There is another like you... we are running out of time." As he says this, we get brief, distorted glimpses at another character - staticky shots of their arm and part of their torso - perhaps the Kryptonian in question. Check the teaser out in the link below.

Fans who watched the first season will know that it ended on a troubling note, with the villainous Braniac, voiced by Lost's Michael Emerson, revealed to be in league with the masked warrior codenamed Nemesis Omega, the Kryptonian who led an attack on Earth prior to the events of season one. Although the episode doesn't confirm it, the identity of that character is strongly hinted to be the legendary villain, General Zod, with his final line in the first season being, "In the end, they will kneel."

A frame from the teaser for My Adventures with Superman season 2.

(Image credit: Adult Swim)

But while that is likely the character that Jor-El is warning his son about, the brief flashes we see in the teaser seems to be a different character entirely - the arms and torso glimpsed do not look much like they belong to Zod. So could we be seeing Supergirl in season 2 as well as Superman's fearsome nemesis? Kal-El's cousin Kara Zor-El is an increasingly prominent and beloved character outside of the comics, and will also feature in James Gunn's upcoming Superman live action film, as played by Milly Alcock. Another option is perhaps Power Girl - the Supergirl from another universe - whose red and white outfit somewhat matches the colors shown here. 

Quite when we'll get a definitive answer to this mystery remains unclear as My Adventures with Superman season 2 does not have a public release date yet, other than it will be sometime in 2024 and will, once again, consist of 10 episodes. We can't wait.

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