Nintendo Indie World Showcase 2024 start time - here's how to watch 20 minutes of indie game goodness

Nintendo Indie World showcase April 2024
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Nintendo is hosting another one of its Indie World Showcases tomorrow, and Hollow Knight fans, as ever, are excited for this one. 

On April 16, Nintendo announced that its regular Indie World Showcase is back again to make all our eShop wishlists a little bit longer. The presentation will feature "roughly" 20 minutes worth of "announcements and updates" on indie games heading to the Switch in 2024. Previously, the event has featured games such as Mineko's Night Market, A Space for the Unbound, Sea of Stars, and more. 

The presentation is set to take place on April 17, 2024 at 7AM PT / 10AM ET / 3PM BST and will be available to watch via the Nintendo YouTube channel or just below.

This presentation is strictly dedicated to indie games so don't expect to see anything about any of Nintendo's first-party IPs like Mario, Animal Crossing, or The Legend of Zelda. The Indie World directs always feature a variety of genres but fans of one game in particular have got their hopes up especially high this time. 

As is tradition by now, the Hollow Knight community couldn't be more excited for tomorrow's event. Over the last month, there have been several sightings of Hollow Knight: Silksong on rating boards like ESRB and the Korean ratings board. Not only this but a new Hollow Knight Silksong store page recently popped up.

This doesn't mean we'll definitely be seeing the Team Cherry title tomorrow, but it does mean its fans will be on high alert as they always are during these events.

While we wait to see what will feature in the showcase, find out what's definitely on the way with our upcoming Switch games list. 

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