How to fix Quirks in Pacific Drive and use the Tinker Station

Pacific Drive quirks
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Trying to fix Pacific Drive Quirks with the Tinker Station is basically an infuriating guessing game that can cover anything from minor annoyances like the wipers moving the speedometer, to critical things like the headlights going off or the hood flying up in your face everytime you turn left.  

If you want to solve Pacific Drive Quirks and get the car running perfectly then there's good and bad news: firstly you can make it slightly easier with some upgrades to the Tinker Station, but even then there's still an element of guessing involved. Here's how it all works. 

How Quirks work in Pacific Drive

Pacific Drive tinker station

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Pacific Drive Quirks are random behaviours your car can pick up in the zone. Almost anything can end up linked to something else, in a way that means things will be turned on or off, opened or closed, or triggered, by another part of the vehicle. So, for example, turning the headlights on could open a door. The only way to fix this is to feed the causes and results you think are the problem into the Tinker Station - if you get it right it'll tell you how to fix it, which usually involves 'spending' something like a mechanic's kit, or another repair tool, to remove the quirk. 

How to fix Quirks in Pacific Drive

Pacific Drive quirks

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You can use the Tinker Station to fix Quirks in Pacific Drive but it's not easy at first because there are so many options to choose from. It's hard to notice or remember exactly what's happening when your headlights turn off, or the wipers turn on, for no clear reason. Plus, if you pick up multiple Quirks at the same time you might not be able to seperate what's doing what. If you can, stop and make a note of anything you realise is related while you're out driving, otherwise you'll never remember it when you get back to the garage. 

Pacific Drive quirk upgrades

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To start with, you only get told how many guesses were correct, which is next to useless but you can help narrow down your search with two vital upgrades in the Garage section of the Fabrication Station

  • Investigation Module - This will mark any correct guesses so you know what's right and what to change.  
  • Analysis Module - This lets you spend anchor energy to 'partially diagnose' a quirk, basically highlighting problem parts to get you started. 

If Quirks are giving you major issues it's worth getting these Investigation and Analysis Modules ASAP, to help you narrow down the problems. There's still an element of guesswork involved but, by reducing the options you have to work with and giving you some feedback on your guesses, you can narrow down the causes so much faster.  

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