Full Skull and Bones map with all locations

Skull and Bones map
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The Skull and Bones map sees you exploring a fictionalized Indian Ocean, plundering the shores and islands of Africa and East Indies. Since you spend most of your time controlling your ship, the map is obviously pretty massive, giving you plenty of space for all your Skull and Bones piracy activities, but exploring it all will take you a while. That's where our Skull and Bones map comes in, as we've charted the whole region so you can plot a course and set sail, even if your own map isn't complete.

Skull and Bones map

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The full Skull and Bones map stretches from the Coast of Africa in the southwest all the way up to the archipelagos of Southeast Asia in the northeast. It's not a real-world representation of the Indian Ocean, but it uses the same historical colonial setting to bring the region's outposts, trade, and ships to life.

The western Africa section features lots of river paths leading inland to places like Ziwa Kubwa and Sultani Island. Here you'll also find some key outposts such as the Skull and Bones Kaa Mangrove and the Sunken Goldmine. It's also one of the main places you can find and harvest acacia in Skull and Bones, which is vital for crafting certain items.

The southcentral part of the map is where you'll find the Red Isle region, serving as the game's starting area and home to the pirate paradise of Sainte-Anne. There are also plenty of quests, contracts, and maps that take place in and around the isle, such as the Skull and Bones Red Isle treasure map for Caradec's Bounty and the Relics of the Past contract to find the Sea People Relic.

All the way to the northeast across a vast stretch of open ocean is where you'll find the East Indies – a large collection of islands of all different sizes. The journey across the ocean can be perilous, so this serves as a higher-level region for players to explore once they've already got a decent ship and have considerably upgraded it. If you make it to the pirate haven of Telok Penjara, you'll be able to get the Skull and Bones Bombardier Padewakang ship too, which is a medium-sized ship perfect for taking on forts and fleets alike.

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