Superman release date, cast, and everything you need to know about the 2025 DC movie

All-Star Superman
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James Gunn's new take on Superman may still be over a year away from flying onto the big screen, but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty to be excited about. For one thing, production is now well underway and we also have our first look at David Corenswet as the Man of Steel. 

The movie, which kicks off the live-action side of Gunn's DCU Chapter One: Gods and Monsters, will also feature turns from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel's Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane and Nicholas Hoult as Lex Luthor. For more casting information, a breakdown of all the glimpses we've had at the film (which was formerly known as Superman: Legacy) so far, and much more besides, take a look below at our complete guide to 2025's Superman.

Superman release date

Christopher Reeve as Superman

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Superman will release on July 11, 2025. Despite the WGA writers' strike and the SAG-AFTRA actors' strike, which both took place in 2023, the movie hasn't been delayed and is currently filming.

Superman plot 

Superman #1

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Not much is known about the plot of Superman just yet, but we do have some basics to go off. 

The main thing we know is that the film will focus on a young Clark Kent as a reporter at The Daily Planet, and it will look at how he balances his Kryptonian and human heritage. It also won't be an origin story. 

Beyond that, the film is a bit of a mystery, though from the cast (more on that below) we can assume that Lex Luthor might be the villain of the movie, and that other key DC characters will be making appearances. 

We also have an idea what comics have inspired the movie. "[Corenswet] mentioned how the vibes of the new movie are based on For All Seasons and All-Star, but the story is 'totally its own thing,'" The Direct's Senior Editor David Thompson shared on Twitter.

All-Star Superman is one of the comics being read in a photo from the set shared by Gunn, which you can check out below. 

Superman cast: who is playing Superman?

David Corenswet

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Superman is shaking up to have a fairly stacked cast. Here's who's part of the line-up so far:

  • David Corenswet – Superman
  • Nicholas Hoult – Lex Luthor 
  • Rachel Brosnahan – Lois Lane 
  • Skyler Gisondo – Jimmy Olsen 
  • Isabela Merced – Hawkgirl 
  • Nathan Fillion – Guy Gardner 
  • Edi Gathegi – Mister Terrific 
  • Anthony Carrigan – Metamorpho 
  • Wendell Pierce - Perry White
  • Pruitt Taylor Vince – Jonathan Kent 
  • Neva Howell – Martha Kent 

Sean Gunn has also been cast as Maxwell Lord in the DCU, though it's currently unclear if he'll be showing up in Superman – similarly, House of the Dragon star Milly Alcock will play Supergirl, but it's not known for certain if she'll be appearing in this film. 

James Gunn also recently shared a picture of the full cast together - including a bald Nicholas Hoult really getting into his role as Lex Luthor.

First look at Superman's suit

David Corenswet as Superman

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James Gunn celebrated Superman's birthday by revealing the tiniest of glimpses from Superman's suit. While we can't glean too much from the post (which you can see below), Superman's iconic 'S' chest logo still remains, though it appears to be made of fabric this time around. The 'S' also partially resembles the logo used by the character in Mark Waid and Alex Ross' seminal comic Kingdom Come.

A new logo for the film was unveiled at CinemaCon, too, which looks metallic, is bright yellow and red, and features an 'S' tapering off at the base. 

As of May 2024, we also have an even better look at Corenswet in costume thanks to an image Gunn shared on Threads, which you can see below. The pic shows Clark looking pretty beat up and dirty, pulling on one of his red boots as all sorts of chaos goes down out the window behind him in the skies above Metropolis. Maybe ties those laces a bit quicker, eh, Supes? The chaos in question might very well be Solaris the Tyrant Sun, a villain that made its first appearance in DC One Million #1 back in 1998, but this has yet to be confirmed. 

Is Superman connected to any other DC films? And what happened to Henry Cavill?

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel

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Superman is the first film of the new DCU, which begins with Chapter One: Gods and Monsters. This is totally different to the old DCEU, which began with Man of Steel, starring Henry Cavill, and ended with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

James Gunn and Peter Safran's new universe is a reboot for the DC cinematic franchise, and it has no connection to the old set of films. It is, however, connected to the rest of the DCU – which begins with the animated show Creature Commandos on Max. 

As for Cavill, he played Superman in the old DCEU, and, despite announcing his return to the role after his Black Adam post-credits scene appearance, is no longer the Man of Steel. You can read our full breakdown on what happened with Henry Cavill as Superman through the link. 

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