Upcoming Lego Minecraft Crafting Table fits an entire world into an itty bitty box

Lego Minecraft Crafting Table on a shelf, a diorama of multiple Minecraft biomes can be seen inside the crafting table
(Image credit: Lego)

To celebrate Minecraft’s 15th anniversary, Lego has just launched pre-orders for the upcoming Lego Minecraft Crafting Table (21265), marking it as the first Lego Minecraft set created specifically for adults. While builders of all ages have enjoyed previous releases, this product was designed with a particular focus on grown-up Lego lovers who value intricate builds – the kind that are perfect for displaying when you’re done. 

Available to pre-order for $89.99 / £79.99 at Lego, the Lego Minecraft Crafting Table is something of a 2-in-1 affair. The outside forms a 6-inch model of the iconic crafting table but like an ore block, you have to crack it open to get to the diamonds inside. Once you pop off the sides, the table reveals a diorama of a Minecraft world that is positively jam-packed with details that’ll delight any long-time fan. 

Lego minecraft microfigures and Minecraft stickers

(Image credit: Lego)

Despite its relatively diminutive size, the set manages to represent 12 different biomes ranging from the basic Plains to spooky Deep Dark (although I’ll admit I’m a tad salty they don’t have Mushroom Fields). Across its 1,195 pieces, it has also 5 distinct mini-builds which will apparently house a number of “hidden Easter Eggs” for builders to reveal while they assemble it.

Lego Minecraft Crafting Table (21265) |  $89.99 at Lego

Lego Minecraft Crafting Table (21265) |  $89.99 at Lego
This detailed little build is perfect for those who have fond memories of playing Minecraft with friends or still brave the biomes today. Coming in at 1,195 pieces, you can expect to unwind through a zen assembly experience of a few hours and to come out with an adorable display piece as a result.

Buy it if:
You’ve built many a dirt house in your time
✅You want something cute and gamer-themed

Don't buy it if:
Those itty bitty blocks aren’t your style

❌ You need something for play, not display

UK price:
£79.99 at Lego

Additionally, the Lego Minecraft Crafting Table houses eight dinky microfigures including player characters like Steve and Alex as well as mobs like a skeleton, a witch, a pig, a cow, a villager, and a Creeper. Sure, you’ll be able to shake up your display by dotting these guys around your scene but you can also customize your build with stickers. Some of these stickers play it straight with the Minecraft logo or a Create New World button but others feature silly inside jokes like “Now in 3D!”.

If you’re eager to get crafting your very own Crafting Table, you’re going to have to hold out until August 1. However, now is a really good time to get your pre-order in. Side note: while this set isn’t a Lego store exclusive, if you opt to pick it up from Lego directly you can nab yourself 640 Lego Insider Points. 

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