Unicorn Overlord devs have no DLC or PC port plans for the hit strategy RPG, though one survey has fans hoping for a sequel

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The publisher of Unicorn Overlord says there are currently no plans for DLC or a PC port, but a recent survey does mention the possibility of a sequel.

As Automaton highlights, Akiyasu Yamamoto—who is a producer on the game as part of its publisher, Atlus—has spoken to GamerBraves and reveals that Vanillaware has no plans to release any additional Unicorn Overlord content. The tactical RPG launched early last month and was so successful that physical copies sold out completely in Japan, causing Atlus to apologize for the lack of stock. 

"When Atlus and Vanillaware began work on Unicorn Overlord in 2016, the game was only intended for the PS4 and PS Vita," Yamamoto tells the outlet. "However, the gaming industry has gone through some radical changes over the past eight years, and as a result, Vanillaware was asked to give Unicorn Overlord a simultaneous worldwide release and expand its development to the PS5, Switch, and Xbox X/S."

The producer continues: "Ultimately, as the publisher, it was Atlus that decided which platforms Unicorn Overlord would release on, and we are deeply thankful for Vanillaware’s willingness to cooperate." Finally, Yamamoto gives fans the update they've been waiting for, telling them: "Unfortunately, we currently have no plans to port Unicorn Overlord to PC."

There's a very slim chance that the studio isn't completely finished with Unicorn Overlord. As spotted by Siliconera, Atlus recently published a survey for fans of the RPG to complete and it asks how they'd feel about a sequel. A few questions into the questionnaire, the publisher asks: "Do you plan on purchasing any sequels to 'Unicorn Overlord' if they were to be made?" 

This is an exciting question, but the important part is the "if they were to be made" section of the question. Clearly, the publisher is interested to see if there is any interest around a sequel, but this doesn't quite confirm that Vanillaware plans to make one - especially since Unicorn Overlord's development left its developer without any money towards the end. 

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