The best Xbox Game Pass deals in June 2024

Xbox Game Pass deals
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The best Xbox Game Pass deals can help you save on your monthly bills, and grant you cheaper access to one of the biggest and best libraries of digital video games there is. Game Pass had a busy month in May with the arrival of loads of new games, including the long-awaited Hellblade 2. June seems a bit quieter in terms of new additions, but in fairness, there are plenty of games to choose from as it is. 

Xbox Game Pass is now split into a few different tiers - there's Game Pass Core, which recently took over what was Xbox Live Gold. This gives you multiplayer access, and 25 free games to download and play. The second tier, just named Game Pass, doesn't allow you access to multiplayer but does give you access to the full Game Pass Ultimate library. Lastly, Game Pass Ultimate gives you everything. As an added bonus, there is an option tier for people only playing on PC, but we recommend Ultimate as the best value option since it allows for Cloud Streaming.

Anyone taking up the subscription on a console or PC will be looking to pay $16.99 / £12.99 per month. There are 14-day free trials, and if you time them right, you can get them for just $1/£1 before they start a monthly recurring payment. There's also the option to get Xbox All access which gives you a Game Pass subscription along with a console - all on a 24-month payment plan. 

We're rounding up all the latest Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deals and cheaper Game Pass prices just below. Of course, if you're just after online play, you'll need to check out the latest Xbox Live deals.

What's new on Xbox Game Pass for June 2024?

Xbox Game Pass adds more games to its collection every month. This digital care package is usually several games strong, and depending on your membership, you can get games for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, or PC.

To give you a headstart on everything coming your way this month, you'll find all the new games currently announced for this month in the list below:

  • Firework - June 4
  • Rolling Hills: Make Sushi, Make Friends - June 4
  • Still Wakes the Deep - June 18

The best Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deals

If you want to combine your Xbox Game Pass PC and Console subscriptions, and pick up some Live Gold months as well, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deals are a much better value pick. While a little pricier than the single Game Pass subscriptions available further down, you'll find all the lowest prices for three month subscriptions just below.

Cheap Game Pass Core deals - 3 months

Xbox Live Gold 3 month

Xbox Live Gold 3 month

Okay, maybe you don't want to commit to a full 12 months of Game Pass Ultimate. Grabbing a 3-month subscription to Game Pass Core (previously Games With Gold) does allow you to see whether or not you're going to get real value from the service. 

Don't forget that you can add 12 months later too. It'll simply stack on top of your 3-month code. So, you could end up with 15 months or more all paid for, taking us well into the Xbox Series X generation... Win!

The best Xbox Game Pass deals

While the service itself is awesome, Xbox Game Pass deals can still be pricey - especially if you go for a full year's subscription. With that in mind, we've hunted down the cheapest offers from across the internet to save you money. These are updated every 30 minutes, so be sure to check back in every now and then if you can't see a bargain today.

Is there an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 12 month subscription?

There is currently no official Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 12-month subscription, with many retailers only offering one or three-month cards. However, these codes are stackable, so you can load up and not have to think about your library for a full year. 

Xbox Series S stock

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Is the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate price worth it?

If you're at all interested in keeping up with the latest first-party Xbox releases, or exploring the massive back catalogue of first and third-party titles on the system, Xbox Game Pass is definitely worth it. However, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate price is a little higher, and it's worth considering whether you're going to be using the additional features it includes. 

If you're not going to be playing online (remember, Microsoft doesn't require a Live Gold subscription for free-to-play titles anymore), and you don't expect to be buying too many games from the store outright, the Game Pass Ultimate price might not be for you and you're better off sticking with the skinnier subscription. 

How to drop the Xbox Game Pass price to $1

There is no way to drop the Xbox Game Pass price to $1 without Microsoft's introductory price, which starts and stops throughout the year. In 2022, we did see this price return during Black Friday sales, so that's worth keeping an ear out for this year. The trial allowed anyone to try out Xbox Game Pass for a month at a reduced rate before then being enrolled in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription costs $14.99 a month. 

You'll also find plenty of Xbox One accessories to complement your Game Pass subscription. We're also rounding up the best Xbox One controllers and best Xbox Series X headsets as well. 

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