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BioShock 4 has been a long time coming, and even now in 2024, we're going on very little information. The game was confirmed to be in production back in 2019, with 2K Games founding Cloud Chamber Studios to head up the project. There have been precious few updates since then. Honestly, it's just making BioShock-like FPS Judas look even more appetizing, and not least because it's been spearheaded by ex-BioShock developers too.

When the new BioShock game was announced, GamesRadar+ spoke with Cloud Chambers studio head Kelley Gilmore who told us that her team was kicking around "myriad" ideas for the future of the series. Given that it's been over a decade since the release of BioShock Infinite, here's hoping we'll get an update soon enough on the status of BioShock 4 soon enough. 

While we wait for more, below you'll find all of the latest BioShock 4 news and rumors, as well as more quotes from our exclusive interview with Cloud Chamber. 

Recent updates

Our BioShock 4 guide was updated on June 7, ensuring we have all the most relevant news and information below on the state of the next BioShock game.

Who is working on BioShock 4?  


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BioShock 4 is currently being developed by Cloud Chamber, a studio founded and owned under the 2K publishing label. The studio is led by former Firaxis Games veteran developer Kelley Gilmore. In an interview with GamesRadar+, Gilmore says that the studio has strong "BioShock DNA" since several members had key roles to play in other BioShock titles – including creative director Hoagy de la Plante, art director Scott Sinclair, and design director Jonathan Pelling. 

Gilmore also adds that other developers on the team have worked on other notable game series: "Our team also has game development veterans from high profile franchises like Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, Star Wars, Battlefield, and Walking Dead. As part of our recruiting efforts, we're looking for people from many different backgrounds and experiences. I'm confident that the depth and variety of game development experience at Cloud Chamber will lead to another unforgettable BioShock experience." 

BioShock 4 release date is still to be determined

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No official release date has been announced just yet for BioShock 4. Since we've yet to see any trace of the game since 2K's announcement four years ago, it may still be quite some time before we do. 

Interestingly, a datamine surfaced in 2021 supposedly pointed towards a launch date sometime in 2022. Now well into 2024, we still don't have any word on BioShock 4, so that turned out to be a dead lead.

BioShock 4 could be set in an open-world  

BioShock Infinite

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We don't have much in the way of concrete details, but a Cloud Chamber job listing seemingly suggests that BioShock 4 may possibly be set in an open world. The job listing for a senior writer, which was posted back in April 2021, called for someone who can "weave impactful, character-driven stories in an open world setting." 

With BioShock and BioShock 2 submerging us below water in Rapture, and BioShock Infinite taking us to the clouds, we can't help but wonder where BioShock 4 will take us next - or what an open world instalment might look like.

BioShock 4 gameplay will be first-person


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Gameplay-wise, the official 2K press release suggests that BioShock 4 intends to retain the series' first-person perspective. At least, that was the developer's intention back in 2019. This is inferred by 2K president David Ismailer's mentioning of the core pillars the series is known for, with the press release touching on Cloud Chamber's plans for BioShock 4: "We can’t wait to see where its powerful narrative and iconic, first-person shooter gameplay head in the future with our new studio team at Cloud Chamber leading the charge." 

BioShock 4 story will "push the boundaries" 

Bioshock Infinite

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At this point in time, we don't yet know much about BioShock 4 story or its place in the timeline of the series. What we do know, thanks to a statement from Gilmore in the press release, is that the Cloud Chamber team is looking "to create yet-to-be-discovered worlds – and their stories within – that push the boundaries of what is possible in the video game medium". This suggests we're set to see the story and setting of BioShock 4 go in a new direction. 

"BioShock defined what a compelling narrative and immersive world can bring to a video game. Players interact with it in their own unique ways and have unforgettable experiences," Gilmore told GamesRadar+. "That will remain at the core of our design vision for the next BioShock, and we have a myriad of ideas on how best to achieve it." 

BioShock 4 leaks 

BioShock 2

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More speculative rumors also came to light in 2021 from Colin Moriarty claiming that BioShock 4 may take place in a fictional 1960's Antarctic city supposedly called "Borealis". So far, though, nothing official has been confirmed. 

In our interview, Gilmore touched on how  "environments have played a critical role throughout BioShock history and are incredibly important to the gameplay experience." While not much more was said on the topic, Gilmore did add that "there are many creative directions to explore." With so many possibilities, we really can't wait to find out more. 

There were also uncorroborated rumors in 2021 that BioShock 4 would be called BioShock Isolation, with one Twitter user claiming that the game would be set in an "isolated dystopian city."

BioShock 4 may be using Unreal Engine 5

BioShock 2

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The prospect of seeing a new-gen BioShock game is exciting, to say the least. Thanks to a job listing posted back in May 2021, our sense of anticipation has only intensified. 

In the Cloud Chamber listing for a Senior gameplay programmer, there is the mention of being able to "work within Unreal Engine 5", which may suggest BioShock 4 is using the latest generation game engine from developer Epic Games. If what we've seen of upcoming Unreal Engine 5 games are anything to go by so far, it could be a real feast for the eyes.  

While no platforms have been confirmed for the new BioShock, we're certainly eager to see how Cloud Chamber brings the next instalment to life using the latest hardware. As Gilmore said in our interview back in 2019 during the early stages of development, "One of the great things about our industry is how much it evolves on a regular basis. We constantly have new technology and innovations to explore, as well as expanding ways to reach and interact with our fans. We can't discuss any specifics yet, but we're excited about the possibilities."  

The original BioShock is still considered to be one of the best single-player games of all-time, so its sequel is one of our most anticipated. While we wait, why not check out some of the exciting upcoming PS5 games and upcoming Xbox Series X games on the horizon. 

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