Yes, Black Widow still has her symbiote - and that means she must choose a side when Venom War breaks out

Cover art for VENOM WAR: VENOMOUS #1
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Marvel is launching a new symbiote saga this August with Venom War by writer Al Ewing and artist Iban Coello, which sees Eddie Brock and his son Dylan face off to finally determine who will be the "one true Venom". A number of additional comics will be spinning out of this epic focusing on different characters caught up in the conflict - and we've got the first look at one of them right here.

Venom War: Venomous from writer Erica Schultz and artist Luciano Vecchio is a new three-issue limited series focused on Black Widow (AKA Natasha Romanoff) who has been bonded to a symbiote of her own in the comics for some time now. Picking up where this July's Black Widow: Venomous one-shot (by the same creative team) leaves off, the series will see Natasha come face-to-face with an old Secret Avengers team-mate while investigating the sinister Alchemax.

Here's the cover followed by Marvel's official solicitation text for the first issue.

Cover art for VENOM WAR: VENOMOUS #1

Leirix's cover art for Venom War: Venomous #1. (Image credit: Marvel Comics)




Cover by LEIRIX


Black Widow and her newly trained symbiote are jumping into the Venom War and picking a side! Fresh off their new understanding from the BLACK WIDOW: VENOMOUS one-shot, Widow starts looking into horrific experiments Alchemax has been running based on their symbiote program…but she isn’t the only one! Natasha's old teammate from her Secret Avengers days, now known as Agent Anti-Venom, is also on the case!

"Don't ask me why it's called Venomous instead of Black Widow...I don't know these things," said Schultz in a statement to Newsarama. "What I DO know is that Luciano Vecchio is INCREDIBLE, and this series is going to kick all kinds of butt! Luciano and I have been working on Natasha for a while now, and when you see what she and her symbiote are up to, you'll be impressed!"

The Black Widow: Venomous one-shot is published by Marvel on July 31, with Venom War: Venomous #1 following on August 21.

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