Dragon Age The Veilguard: Everything you need to know

Dragon Age: The Veilguard
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Dragon Age The Veilguard is the official new title for the next entry in BioWare's beloved RPG series. With an official reveal during the Xbox Games Showcase during Summer Game Fest earlier this month, we at last got a look at some gameplay in action, with it showcasing the new combat and the city of Minrathous. We even got to see Varric and Scout Harding, along with our future antagonist, Solas. For more about that, be sure to check out our Summer Game Fest hands-off preview

Executive producer Gary McKay explained the decision to change the title of the game in a blog post , saying: "Naturally, the Dread Wolf still has an important part in this tale, but you and your companions – not your enemies – are the heart of this new experience". With seven new companions set to join us on our new adventure in Thedas, we've gotten to see a look at some gameplay as well as more details about we can expect from the adventure from BioWare. 

As one of the most exciting new games for 2024 coming our way, there's already plenty out there in wild about Veilguard to get excited about. 

Read on below as we give you a full recap of everything we know so far about Dragon Age: The Veilguard.

Recent updates

This hub for Dragon Age The Veilguard was updated on June 21, 2024 to include various pieces of new information about the upcoming RPG since its reveal earlier this month. 

Dragon Age The Veilguard news 

Dragon Age: The Veilguard

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Dragon Age The Veilguard release date 

Dragon Age; The Veilguard logo

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The official reveal trailer for Dragon Age: The Veilguard also came with the exciting news of a release date window. Currently Slated to launch in Fall 2024, we also know it's set to arrive on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5. 

Dragon Age The Veilguard reveal trailer 

Dragon Age: The Veilguard | Official Reveal Trailer - YouTube Dragon Age: The Veilguard | Official Reveal Trailer - YouTube
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The Dragon Age The Veilguard reveal trailer have us our first official look at the companions of the game, with an appearance from the loveable rogue and storyteller first introduced in Dragon Age 2 - Varric Tethras. 

Dragon Age The Veilguard protagonist 

Dragon Age: The Veilguard

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After a lot of speculation about who we might be in the upcoming adventure, BioWare officially unveiled the protagonist of Dragon Age The Veilguard. We'll be stepping back into Thedas as Rook, the fully customizable main character of the RPG who will "battling on the frontlines" to put a stop to Solas. Alongside choosing their class and faction (more about those below), we'll be able to make use of what is the most extensive character creator we've seen in a BioWare RPG so far to adjust and tweak every aspect of their look - from their build, to their pronouns, tattoos, hairstyles, and much more. 

Dragon Age The Veilguard classes

Dragon Age: The Veilguard

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Just like past Dragon Age games, we'll get to choose from three different classes for our playable character. Each class will also have particular specializations we can develop and a certain class specific weapon - each one offers up a different playstyle. 

Warrior - Control the flow of battle with the option to wield a sword and shield, or land heavier blows with a two handed weapon. 

Rogue - All about quick movement on the battlefield, with either bows or dual swords for precise strikes. 

Mage - Wield different elemental spells - ice, fire, or lighting - to shower your foes with magic damage. You can cast from afar, or get up close.

Dragon Age The Veilguard gameplay and combat 

Dragon Age: The Veilguard | Official Gameplay Reveal - YouTube Dragon Age: The Veilguard | Official Gameplay Reveal - YouTube
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Veilgaurd's combat is more action orientated than previous games, with John Epler describing it as a system that iterates on what came before. It's essentially a culmination of the previous games combat systems, but takes more of an action focus, with each class having specializations that you can activate as you fight on the battlefield. 

Just like previous Dragon Age entries, you'll also be able to make choices and select dialogue that will feed into how scenes play out - with the dialogue wheel looking similar to those found in Dragon Age 2. 

Dragon Age The Veilguard factions  

Emmrich commanding skeletons in a screenshot from Dragon Age: The Veilguard's reveal trailer.

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This time around we'll be able to select from one of seven factions when we create our character. To really feed into the role-play aspect, these factions will determine what unique dialogue we'll have, give our character a background, and change up the way the people of Thedas react and respond to us throughout our adventures. The factions can be found below: 

Grey Wardens: an ancient order you'll be well acquainted with if you've played the previous games. Sworn to fight darkspawn and put a stop to the blight, Grey Wardens undergo a secret rite (famously involving a very big cup) that gives them supernatural powers. 

Veil Jumpers: Described as explorers of ancient elven ruins, this newly introduced faction is said to welcome anyone who's willing to brave "Arlathan's reality-warping magic" 

Shadow Dragons: A resistance that seeks to oppose the corrupt rulers of Tevinter and put a stop to slavery. This faction is all about justice. 

Lords of Fortune: Originating from Rivain, members of this faction are hunters, treasure seekers, and explorers that are known for their "daring exploits and narrow escapes" 

The Mourn Watch: Described as an elite necromancer order, The Mourn Watch are a Nevarran faction which is known for having ties with spirits and the undead.

Antivan Crows: This faction will be familiar to anyone who met Zevran in Dragon Age Origins. Renowned assassins who are feared and respected, they're known for striking from the shadows. 

Dragon Age The Veilguard companions  

Dragon Age: The Veilguard

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Dragon Age The Veilguard will introduce a whole host of new companions who will be at the heart of the experience. Each party member who joins our adventures will have their own motivations and skills, and we'll be able to form friendships and even fall in love with them along the way. Read on below for a full rundown of each companion, as detailed by the official BioWare website

Lace Harding: A dwarven scout who's making a welcome comeback from Dragon Age Inquisition and the prequel comic, Harding is known for her big heart, sunny outlook, and prowess with the bow. 

Darvin: A Grey Warden with a young griffin sidekick (yes, really, they're not extinct, Solas), Darvin is said to be bold and charming and has made a name for himself as a talented monster hunter. 

Bellara: A Veil Jumper who has an obsession with uncovering Elvhenan secrets. She is described as being creative, romantic, and focused. 

Taash: A Dragon Hunter affiliated with the Lords of Fortune, Taash is happy to take risks and seeks out adventure. 

Lucanis: An expert assassin with ties to the Anitvan Crows who is poised and pragmatic, but is said to lack social skills. 

Emmerich: A scholar and necromancer who's part of Nevarra's Mourn Watch, Emmerich has a skeletal assistant known as Manfred. 

Neve: A member of the Shadow Dragons, Neve is a cynic private detective "fighting for a better future". 

Dragon Age The Veilguard romance 

Dragon Age: The Veilguard

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Just like Dragon Age games past, romance will once again absolutely be a part of Veilguard. BioWare revealed that we'll be able to romance any character regardless of the gender of our player character, meaning we can fall in love with any one of the seven companions if we so choose. 

Dragon Age The Veilguard locations

Dragon Age: The Veilguard

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Dragon Age The Veilguard will take us to new locations we've previously only heard about in the world of Thedas. The gameplay saw the adventure begin in Minrathous, the capital city of Tevinter, which we explored a little further in an interview with John Epler. 

As revealed, we'll also get the chance to venture to other parts of the world, including Rivain and the Arlathan forest. On BioWare's website, it teases that we can expect to learn of more locations soon. How exciting. 

Dragon Age: The Veilguard is for newcomers and longtime players alike

Dragon Age 4

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BioWare has made it clear that it's approaching Dragon Age: The Veilguard - which was then known as Dreadwolf - with a varied audience in mind to cater to both long-time fans and newcomers.  A blog post back in 2022 reaffirmed that this will be an experience veteran players and those new to Thedas can enjoy. 

"It’s been eight years since our last DA game came out. I’ve seen a lot of adults fondly reminiscing about how they played it as teens!", senior writer Sylvia Feketekuty said in the blog post. Dragon Age: Dreadwolf has been a balance of providing answers to long-standing questions for veteran fans while making a game that new players, or someone who only played DA:I years ago, can also get into."

"Unlike the vast galaxies we explore in our other franchises, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf returns us to Thedas, where we can revisit friends and places that are familiar," Narrative editor Ryan Cormier said in the blog. "Some fans haven’t spent time with Dragon Age since the 2014 release of Inquisition, while others have read every comic and story published since. Others never played a Dragon Age game at all and have no idea who the bald guy is (he’s Solas)."

This was also reiterated by Epler who said the opening of the game is designed to bring players in both old and new and act as both a refresher for longtime fans and an introduction for newcomers. 

Dragon Age: The Veilguard studio departures 

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Over the course of development, some key members of the BioWare team have since departed from the project.

The most recent layoffs in 2023 have seen the loss of series veterans, including writer Mary Kirby, with 50 developers developers laid off to to ensure "Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is an outstanding game". It was also revealed all unionized QA workers were laid off

In years prior, news came to light in November in 2021 in a statement to Kotaku that Dragon Age 4's senior creative director Matt Goldman and long-time alum had left. Following on from Goldman's exit, BioWare put out a blog post in February 2022 confirming that executive producer Christian Dailey had departed midway through production

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