After a year of silence, the Street Fighter movie finally gets an update – and it’s good news for fans of the games

Street Fighter
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A new look at Legendary Pictures' Street Fighter movie has been released. The logo for the upcoming movie was unveiled at the Las Vegas Licensing Expo, and it looks pretty much identical to the games.

Per Collider, the new image from the movie shows the logo pulled right from the original Capcom fighter game pasted on a brick wall. Take a look below.

The new Street Fighter movie has been in the works since April 2023, when it was first announced. However, not much has been released about it since then aside from the news that Talk to Me helmers Michael and Danny Philippou are on board to direct. 

Speaking in July last year, the pair told Inside Total Film podcast that it was "early days" in development, but it's been a satisfying process. Danny said: "There's not a whole established world in film, we don't have to fit into this section and do this and that."

"Game-to-film is very difficult but it's exciting to us because we love the game so much," Michael added. "We've been diving into the roots of that and where it comes from, and the things that inspired Street Fighter. We're excited to do that, like on a big scale."

There's a fair amount to draw from with the franchise of Street Fighter games, which were first released in 1987 and were hugely influential in the growth of one-on-one fighting games. Attempts have been made to bring it to the big screen in the past, including the 1994  Jean-Claude Van Damme-led adaptation, but the series hasn't inspired a live-action franchise yet.

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