Inside Out 2 post-credits scenes explained - does the Pixar sequel have a post-credits scene?

Inside Out 2
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Is there an Inside Out 2 post-credits scene? If you are asking this question you have come to the right place as we have all the information you need now that the highly anticipated Pixar sequel has finally hit the big screen.

This latest Disney movie reunites us with Riley as she hits puberty, which means this time we encounter new emotions including Anxiety (Maya Hawke) and Envy (Ayo Edebiri). Given that its a sequel to the beloved 2015 animated classic, there is a decent chance it would have a post-credits scene, maybe one teasing that another adventure is to come?

Other Pixar movies have featured post-credits scene - who could forget the fun gag reels that played out during the credits of the likes of Toy Story 2 and A Bug's Life?! And of course on the first Inside Out movie, we were treated to something similar during the credits, as we were taken inside the minds of various other characters including a dog.

We have therefore got you covered below with everything you need to know about the Inside Out 2 post-credits, putting all the information you need in one place – a handy guide for any Pixar fan. If you want the lowdown keep reading but be warned, spoilers lie ahead for Inside Out 2.

Does Inside Out 2 have a post-credits scene?

Inside Out 2

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There's not one but two scenes during the Inside Out 2 credits - one plays out during the credits whilst the second comes after they have rolled. So, if you want to see them, stay in your seat!

Inside Out 2 mid-credits scene explained

Inside Out 2

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During the initial credits roll, we see the Inside Out 2 mid-credits scene which picks back up with Riley following hockey camp. As her parents ask her how it went, Riley's emotions start arguing with each other over how to respond. Whilst they fight she simply tells her parents that "it was good", which gets very different reactions.

We cut to the mom's emotions who are frustrated that all Riley can say is three words about hockey camp, with Anxiety coming out to play. The dad's emotions meanwhile decide that if that's all Riley has to say on the matter, it is what it is - they have better things to do like watch football. And so, they start focusing once again on the game.

The fun scene is a neat reference to the first Inside Out film which also took us inside the minds of Riley's mom and dad, where they had similar reactions to another scenario.

Inside Out 2 post-credits scene explained

Inside Out 2

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Once the credits have rolled, we are treated to the Inside Out 2 post-credits scene which takes us back to the vault we saw earlier in the movie, which is home to all things Riley doesn't really want to think about anymore. 

When Joy and co. were sent there by Anxiety, they met a hooded mysterious character named Deep Dark Secret. Although at that point he wouldn't say what the secret is, it's finally revealed in the post-credits scene as Joy returns to ask him. Clearly - much like us - she was desperate to know.

After some hesitation he reveals the secret is that Riley burnt a hole in a rug - something he clearly feels ashamed about. To Joy though it's no big deal as she replies saying she thought it might have been regarding the time Riley peed in the pool. Unimpressed by Joy's response, Deep Dark Secret sighs and then locks himself back into the vault, still embarrassed by the rug incident.

Whilst these scenes don't set up a sequel, they are nice nods back to events from both Inside Out movies that will definitely amuse fans.

Inside Out 2 is out now in theaters worldwide.

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