Bird review: "Barry Keoghan further cements his rising-star status"

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A personal, poignant work from Arnold that’s beautiful, unique and full of surprises.

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Bird had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. Here's our review...

"Mom said I was born looking for trouble," says Bailey (Nykiya Adams), the rebellious 12-year-old at the heart of writer/director Andrea Arnold’s latest drama. Turns out she doesn’t have to look far. Bailey lives in a north Kent in a squat with her dad, Bug (Barry Keoghan), who’s about to get married; he plans to pay for the wedding by selling the slime from a toad that’s said to contain hallucinogenic properties. 

Bailey’s mother Peyton (Jasmine Jobson), meanwhile, is living with a foul-mouthed, violent Scouser named Skate (James Nelson-Joyce). And her brother Hunter (Jason Buda) is part of a vigilante gang that Bailey wants to join. Then Bailey meets Bird (Franz Rogowski), a "proper weird" loner who’s in the area looking for familial connections, and a tentative friendship forms. 

Delivering her first narrative feature since 2016’s American Honey, Arnold initially seems to be retreading familiar social-realist ground, delving into poverty-stricken working-class lives. But in its second half Bird crosses into fable-like territory, with impressive results. 

Leading the charge is newcomer Adams, who gives a fierce turn as Bailey, but performances are strong across the board. Keoghan, his body covered in tattoos, further cements his rising-star status by crafting another striking character, even giving a tender rendition of Blur’s ‘The Universal’ at one point. 

Rogowski (Passages) also fully inhabits his role; Bird is a figure of mystery who ultimately embodies Bailey’s coming-of-age arc. With cinematographer Robbie Ryan (Poor Things, The Favourite) finding beauty in even the starkest of images, Bird takes flight quite brilliantly. 

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