This Avengers: Infinity War goof makes one of the saddest MCU moments ever a lot less of a tearjerker

Spider-Man in Avengers: Infinity War
(Image credit: Disney/Marvel)

An Avengers: Infinity War goof has been discovered all these years after the film released – and it's going to change the way you watch one of its most dramatic moments. 

You'll probably remember that, at the end of the film, one half of the universe is wiped out by Thanos. The most upsetting of these 'deaths' was easily Tom Holland's Spider-Man, who crumbles into dust while Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man can only watch. 

But, one eagle-eyed viewer has spotted a goof that makes the whole thing a bit less sad. Look closely at the scene, and you'll spot that Iron Man's hand looks very still… then slides rigidly out of view. Check out the clip below. 

Of course, it's possible that Downey Jr. just moved his hand kind of weirdly. But to our eyes, it definitely looks like this moment is the result of a post-production quirk. Luckily, though, it's only obvious in the IMAX aspect ratio (though you can spot it in the regular version, too). 

Iron Man's hand can now join the ranks of the likes of Jeans Guy in The Mandalorian or the random guy who pops up in Revenge of the Sith as random moments that have us scratching our heads. 

Next up for Marvel is Deadpool 3, which stars Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. This year will also see the release of Disney Plus show Agatha All Along, a WandaVision spin-off starring Kathryn Hahn. 

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