Could [redacted] be The Acolyte's mysterious Sith Lord? Star Wars fans think so due to their complicated backstory

The Acolyte
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Another day, another Star Wars-related fan theory knocking about the internet... And this time, it's about the identity of the mysterious Sith Lord in new Disney Plus series The Acolyte. 

On TikTok, user gabimg_news_ shared a video that suggested Jodie Turner-Smith character Mother Aniseya is the anonymous villain, and explained how they came to that conclusion due to the Brendok Witches' complicated history with the Jedi.

"Her descent to the dark side stems from a clash with the Jedi and the destruction of her coven, because the Jedi disapproved of the Brendok Witches using the Force outside their rules," they claimed, before going on to argue that while the characters have been referring to the secret Sith as "he", the figure's hand looks female – and potentially someone of African American descent's – in the trailer.


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They also go on to say that Turner-Smith was credited in episode 1, without having made an appearance in said episode. Could she have been hiding in plain sight as the masked menace? Only time will tell.

Of course, with a mystery of this nature, she's hardly the first character viewers have side-eyed. Just last week, another fan theory presented the idea that Charlie Barnett's Yord was actually the Sith Lord... though they've not really got any reasoning to back that up, it seems.

The Acolyte is streaming now on Disney Plus. For more on the show, dive into our latest explainers, cast interviews, and Star Wars guides below:

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