Star Wars: The Acolyte episode 6 review: "This episode is for you, Reylos"

Qimir in The Acolyte
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A quieter episode that expands on some mysteries – and sets up major revelations to come.

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The following contains spoilers for The Acolyte episode 6. Turn back now if you're not up to date with the Star Wars show! 

After the seismic events of last week, The Acolyte episode 6 takes things down a notch for a slower, more measured installment. 

Episode 5 ended with Mae switching places with Osha and leaving with Sol, while Qimir – newly unmasked as the Sith Lord – absconded with Osha. Considering all the potential here, I was hoping for slightly more in the way of answers this week; 'Teach / Corrupt,' though, is still more interested in setting up mysteries than resolving them. 

We begin with Qimir and Osha on a planet that bears a close resemblance to The Last Jedi's Ahch-to, though it's identified only as 'Unknown Planet.' Osha, who dresses in all gray clothing, looks a lot like Rey in The Last Jedi, too – and that's not where the parallels stop.

Seduced to the dark side 

Manny Jacinto as the Stranger in The Acolyte episode 6

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Qimir has already been identified with Kylo Ren thanks to a musical Easter egg last week, and the parallels only increase in the latest episode. There's a great deal of romantic tension between him and Osha (this episode is for you, Reylos), and his disillusionment with the Jedi – and apparent betrayal by his former Master – also bring to mind Ben Solo. 

It's certainly interesting to see Qimir and Osha growing closer in this way, since the idea of a literal seduction to the dark side isn't really something the saga has explored before. Qimir is perhaps slightly too transparently manipulative, though, when he tells Osha the Jedi threw her away (she says she quit), Yord turned her in (a witness identified her as the murderer!), and her relationship with Jecki would always be one-sided, as it would be with any Jedi (we know that's not entirely true, since Sol still carries a lot of affection for Osha). Still, playing on Osha's feelings of abandonment and loss is clearly the path to turn her, as Qimir quickly exploits, and he even manages to make her lose her temper enough she almost attacks him with his own lightsaber. 

The slight runtime of the episode also means that, when Osha eventually tries Qimir's helmet on in the final moments, it doesn't quite feel earned just yet. It's been less than a day since Qimir slaughtered her Jedi pals right in front of her, after all. The next episode will surely flesh out her feelings further, though, so hopefully her arc – whatever direction it may be headed – won't be rushed. 

Two sides of the coin 

Sol in The Acolyte

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Meanwhile, Mae is onboard Sol's ship, seemingly getting away with her identity switch. Lee Jung-jae as Sol is heartbreaking in this episode, especially when he grabs Mae/Osha for a hug. These brief moments where his cool Jedi control slips are compelling, like when he punches the console in a second where his emotions overpower him. Sol has seemed an unconventional Jedi from the beginning, and this episode only makes that clearer. 

I've never been a huge fan of mistaken identity plots, so I'm pleased Mae was spotted as an imposter pretty quickly, but it is quite frustrating that the episode ends before Sol properly speaks with her. This episode feels like a lot of set-up with little pay-off, which is a shame after last week's installment was so stellar.

The Jedi

Vernestra in The Acolyte

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Back on Coruscant, some of Sol's distress signal makes it back to the Jedi Temple, so Vernestra sets out to try and find out what happened. It's tragic and disturbing when Yord and Jecki's bodies are discovered – I'm still not over it! – and it certainly seems like she's on the right path to figuring out a Sith is on the loose. That's quite ominous, though, because by the time of the prequels, the Jedi believe the Sith haven't been around for a very long time. Does that mean Vernestra is marked for doom? It's looking likely. 

It also seems significant that this is the first time we see her snazzy lightsaber whip, in the very same episode where Qimir reveals an odd scar on his back. Maybe, Vernestra was his Jedi Master, and, maybe, that whip is how he got his unconventional wound. It's another mystery that needs explaining – preferably sooner rather than later, with just two episodes remaining. 

I really hope The Acolyte doesn't fall into the trap of withholding answers for a (currently unconfirmed) season 2, though Headland has indicated before that she put everything into season 1, so hopefully not. I'm expecting some concrete answers in the next episode, especially with Sol poised to speak to Mae about Brendok; there's a lot left to unravel, and not a lot of time to do it in. Next week can't come soon enough. 

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