The Acolyte episode 7 references the Great Hyperspace Disaster – here’s what that High Republic event is

Torbin and Sol in The Acolyte
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Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Acolyte episode 7

The Acolyte hasn’t shied away from its connections to the High Republic books so far, bringing several concepts into the canon. But now, alongside Vernestra Rwoh and the Barash Vow, the Star Wars show has seemingly referenced another key thing from them: the Great Hyperspace Disaster.

In episode 7, it’s revealed that Sol, Indara, and the other Jedi have traveled to Brendok to investigate a vergence in the Force. "A hundred years ago, this planet was cataloged as lifeless because of a hyperspace disaster, but this planet Brendok is thriving," Indara tells her Padawan Torbin.

Several fans on Twitter think this is a direct reference to the Great Hyperspace Disaster, which kicks off the events of the novel 'The High Republic: Light of the Jedi'. In the books, this is caused by a huge cargo ship called the Legacy Run which collided with an obstacle while traveling at hyperspace. Parts of the ship flew off when it was destroyed, rattling through hyperspace and colliding with planets to deadly effect.

"Brendok was affected by the Great Hyperspace Disaster, that’s a High Republic reference," writes one, while another adds: "LOVE the hyperspace disaster reference from the High Republic books!" Others just shared the Leonardo Dicaprio meme where he points at the screen. 

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