Spider-Verse composer says he's not sad that the trilogy is ending, but is up for returning for the spin-off TV shows

Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse
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Given how beloved the Spider-Verse movies are, most fans are likely not ready for the trilogy to come to an end with upcoming threequel Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse (which is currently in production but doesn't have a release date after previously being indefinitely delayed). However, the same can't be said for composer Daniel Pemberton who admits that he is now ready to say goodbye to these films.

Having composed the scores for Into, Across, and currently working on Beyond, Pemberton has played a significant role in this trilogy. And whilst that has been an honor, he also admits that it has been hard work too, hence the composer isn't sad that it will soon be coming to an end. 

Speaking to GamesRadar+ ahead of the UK premiere of the live concert version of Across the Spider-Verse, Pemberton explained: "I think these movies are so intense and take so much out of all of us who work on them - in a good way as you give it everything but it’s hard. It’s a bit like being a professional athlete as it’s not just about the film, it’s about the process leading up to it."

He continues: "On Across the Spider-Verse, from the day we finished Into knowing the sequel was coming, I spent every year in the back of my head thinking about how we are going to top that, doing tonnes of research and development. That takes ages, it’s exhausting, and you throw away so much stuff you don’t feel is good enough in search of these moments that feel really special."

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-verse composer

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Although this film trilogy will be concluding with upcoming chapter Beyond the Spider-Verse, that's not the last we will see of this universe. Reportedly a Spider-Woman movie may be in the works, but more recently it was confirmed actor Nicolas Cage would be reprising his popular role of Spider-Man Noir for a TV series on Prime Video - one fun added twist is that this time it will be live-action.

Speaking to Pemberton about this show, we asked if he would be keen to return to the Spider-Verse to score it as well as other potential spin-offs too. He says he's certainly interested thanks to the fact this world is so creative, despite his hesitation over the commitment that comes with taking on TV shows: "Yeah. If I think I can do something creatively interesting I’m always interested in stuff, if it’s not generic and there’s a chance to express yourself. What’s great about this world that they have built is that it’s so creatively expressive, so for me it’s always exciting to work in. Series though - I try not to do too many because it’s sometimes quantity over quality but you find ways to do them, so I wouldn’t be adverse to them."

The Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse in concert world premiere will take place in London on June 30, followed by a UK-wide tour in September. For more from our interview with Pemberton, here's what he said to say about his secret role helping bring Spider-Punk to life and the pressure the team are feeling making the much-anticipated threequel.

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